12 Pieces for an Audrey Hepburn–Inspired Wardrobe

Why do we love Audrey Hepburn’s style? Let us count the ways: She’s the queen of gamine charm, what she wore a half-century ago is still in style, and nobody rivals her ability to look effortlessly chic and polished. The combination of her heartwarming personality and effortless fashion sense is what has made her such an icon over the years—one with a wardrobe that is timeless and classic beyond belief.

Some of our favorite Hepburn staples include slim black pants, ballet flats, and oversize button-downs. The aforementioned pieces—including the additional ones we shop out for you—are ones everyone should have in their wardrobe.It’s essentials such as these that aid in stress-free wardrobe planning day in and day out. We could go on and on, but we think you’d rather get to admiring Hepburn and shopping her utterly enduring style. Keep scrolling to start crafting your own Hepburn-approved look.

You already know the striped shirt is a classic, but how effortless does it look on Hepburn?
Switch out your plain white T-shirt for a striped one to add a French kick.
We found your new summer uniform, courtesy of Hepburn in Roman Holiday.
This skirt is perfect for warm vacations and lunch dates alike.
Your go-to sandals should be neutral in color but big in style.
A plaid button-down is a perfect counterpoint to retro short-shorts and woven wedges.
Wear this plaid shirt with white shorts and espadrilles for a Hepburn-inspired look. 
It’s always good to ditch heels for a foot-friendly pair of loafers.
You’ll want a pair of these loafers in every color. Honestly, you can’t get more Audrey Hepburn than these.
Even if you’re not trying to go incognito, a trench coat is a timeless addition to any outfit.
A trench coat is a classic investment piece that will last you for years to come.
When it comes to white button-downs, make sure to size up for a Hepburn look.
Plain button-downs offer endless styling opportunities.
Adding a pair of classic black ballet pants gives any look a polished feel.
Add these chic pants to your workwear wardrobe.
Everything looks more elegant when paired with simple ballet flats.
If you love Hepburn-inspired flats but don’t want to wear them with black pants, try gingham.
We can see these paired with a cool graphic T-shirt or a tailored blazer for the office.
Retro-inspired halter dresses are timeless and flirty.
This floral print is perfect for those summer nights.
Turtlenecks are an essential layering piece that you can wear season after season. 

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