12 Things Short Girls Look Amazing in, Every Time

Like me, you’re short, and that’s great—but sometimes finding the trends and pieces that work for our height can be tricky. While actual growth is out of the question, dressing is made easier by simply knowing what not to wear. If you’re wondering if your clothes don’t look right because you’re on the shorter side, it’s entirely possible that you’re just wearing the wrong trends.

From avoiding a particularly tricky print to knowing the right silhouettes to stock up on, dressing for your height comes down to a simple set of fashion tips, which is why we put together our edit of the best clothes for short women looking to embrace their stature. Keep reading to find out which fashion trends to avoid if you’re short, and shop our top picks for petite girls along the way.

Pair this with your favorite high-waisted jeans for a full look. Plus, it’s on sale.
This rich hue will never go out of style.
Meet your new work pants.
On trend as well.
The perfect top to wear with jeans.
Pair this with statement boots.
A closet staple.
This animal-print one is so on trend.
A petite bag as cute as you are.
Because let’s be honest: Who doesn’t love a good wrap dress?
Patent-leather boots? Yes, please!
Pointed-toe heels are instantly sleeker than round-toe shoes.

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