20 Celebs and Fashion Girls Who Are Making Me Want to Chop All My Hair Off

When it comes to my hair, I tend to fluctuate between two lengths: just above my shoulder or just above my boobs (both technical terms). Yet there always comes a time with both lengths when I start to feel like I want to either chop it all off and start again or indulge my inner Rapunzel and grow it out super long.

Right about now, I’m at the chopping-it-all-off stage—mainly down to the fact that I’m seeing cool, short hairstyles pretty much everywhere I look. Yes, short hair is definitely trending right now, with some of my favourite celebs and most-followed fashion girls stepping out in freshly cut ‘dos.

“Short hairstyles are on trend at the moment,” confirmed Neil Barton, Goldwell ambassador and owner of Neil Barton Hairdressing. “Other than the bob and the pixie cut, there are a few other short hairstyles and this includes the lob—perfect for those who can’t decide whether to keep their length or go shorter. Another short hairstyle that I love is the buzz cut.”

Angee Garcia proving that curly girls can rock short hair too.
Short wavy hair + fringe = the formula for cool-girl hair.
A piecey fringe lends an edge to this otherwise sleek, classic bob.
Beach waves add plenty of texture to Jourdan’s mid-length bob.
Switch to a side parting and add a hair accessory to channel Lucy’s blonde bob. 
This blunt, jaw-length bob is seriously pretty in pink.
Cara Delevingne embracing the bleach blonde pixie cut.
Emilia’s sweeping fringe and warm blonde colour ticks all the pixie boxes.
A soft, wispy fringe balances how cropped this cut is at the back.
Keeping her curls short at the back and side and long on top allows Ellie to create a cool pixie effect. 
Obsessed with Zoë’s super-short crop and barely there fringe.
The feathered fringe and bright blonde color lends a ’70s vibe to Zendaya’s pixie cut.
Kim’s ultra-shiny lob is so glossy that you’ll need sunnies to look at it.
Ashley’s side parting, slick roots and relaxed waves give her lob a majorly glam vibe.
By keeping her fringe a little shorter at the front, Sade creates a really relaxed, low-maintenance take on the lob.
Could there be a more 2019 hair combo than a tousled lob and a leopard-print bucket hat?
There isn’t anyone on the planet who wouldn’t suit Aria’s chic French-girl lob.
Short hair doesn’t have to be severe. Just curl the ends under like Margot to soften your lob.
Feeling bold? Match the colour of your buzz cut to your lipstick like Keke Palmer.
Adwoa’s cool-girl buzz cut lets her piercings do the talking.
You can’t get much of a closer shave than Char’s barely there buzz cut. 
A soft, fuzzy crop keeps K-Stew’s buzz cut feeling fresh and elegant. 
Marisa’s minimal style complements her short style perfectly. The pillar-box red lip is the icing on the cake.
Kate Hudson took the short-hair plunge for a film role, but this chocolate-coloured crop looks amazing on her.

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