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Month: April 2019

The Cutest Straw Bags Goin’ Round

The Cutest Straw Bags Goin’ Round

We’re calling it – straw bags are a ‘thing’. And if you’re ready to shop straw bags then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve seen them everywhere from NYC, to Sydney and beyond and now we want in on the action. For visual inspo on how to wear one, look no further than some of our fave style crushes JulianaElly & Anne-Laure.

They’re the perfect seasonal update for your basic jeans + tees combo, but they can also add a cool-girl twist to a black boyfriend blazer (see here).

We’ve curated a pretty extensive list of all our favourites just for you and we hope you like it.

Words: @carmengracehamilton
Image: Collage Vintage

UP NEXT: Where To Buy The Best Ever Wardrobe Basics

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best wardrobe basics

Where To Buy The Best Ever Wardrobe Basics

Building out a wardrobe is much the same as building a house – you’ve gotta’ lay a solid foundation if you want it to serve its actual purpose. But with that being said, finding the best wardrobe basics is absolutely not easy. How many white t-shirts must a girl buy before she discovers the one? If you said about a million, you’d pretty much be correct. Pieces like t-shirts that wear well and singlets that actually keep their shape are the unicorns of fashion land – elusive, mystical, and probably only exist in our dreams. That is, until now.

In the name of good journalism, we’ve done the legwork and found a trusted edit of wardrobe basics you can rely on. Ones that won’t tear in the wash, stretch, or look like a rag two weeks in.

A final word of advice from us? Buy more than one. Ain’t nothing … Read the rest