27 Engagement Rings for the Minimalist at Heart

With all of the different engagement ring styles there are right now, whether it’s mesmerizing opal stones or nature-inspired settings, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the statement-making options, especially when you consider yourself to be a minimalist. Luckily, there are also plenty of simple engagement rings that are just as beautiful as their more complex counterparts.

No matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a traditional style like a solitaire diamond or an eternity band or a design that falls in both the simple and modern categories, there’s bound to be an engagement ring for you. If you’re looking for something ultra minimal, there are even some that feature smaller diamonds. We rounded up our favorite understated engagement rings for you to consider before getting engaged. Check them all out below, and don’t forget to save a few of them to your favorites as you scroll down.

The texture around the diamond makes this unique compared to the traditional solitaire diamond.
You can wear this setting to represent you and your significant other.
This will stack nicely with your wedding band.
Simply classic.
A sprinkle of diamonds like this will look so good on your finger.
We love the different diamond shapes here.
When in doubt, a classic eternity band will never do you wrong.
It doesn’t get much simpler than this.
For the woman who prefers to have something subtle but still wants the glitz.
Who doesn’t love a simple solitaire ring?
The Willow brand band will feel unique and cool.
The brushed metal texture makes this ring feel more understated.
The texture of this band is so unexpected.
This open ring was made for the modern bride.
Without a doubt, this ring will always be in style.
A bezel ring feels both timeless and current.
Between the thin band and the gray diamond, this engagement ring is perfect for low-key brides.
You’ll never get tired of this effortless ring.
The architectural feel from both the band and the emerald-cut diamond feels more contemporary.
The east-west setting makes this ring so eye-catching.
This vibrant sapphire will feel truly unique.
You’ll feel like you’ve got your partner’s ring on your finger everywhere you go as well.
For those who want something off the beaten path, this curved ring will be just for you.
Have you heard? Pear-shaped rings are a major trend right now.
This will go with everything you wear, no matter the occasion.
We can’t get over the open setting of this.
Pair this with a solid metal band for a stylish ring stack.

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