3 Free Things That Celebs Actually Do to Make Their Skin Look Even Better

I’ve spent plenty of time with my beauty detective hat on finding out exactly what products celebs rely on for glowing skin. If you want to know what Madonna’s derm buys for her at Sephora or Victoria Beckham’s skincare routine, I’m your girl. But if we’re being honest, the A-list seem blessed with the kind of red carpet radiance that goes way beyond a cult moisturizer.

So what actually is it that imparts celebrity skin with the kind of luminosity that we mere mortals can usually only dream of? Well, it turns out there are a few rather unusual tricks that makeup artists have up their sleeves for prepping celebrity skin for special events.

I spoke to the experts to find out exactly what they are, how they work, and the best hacks to re-create radiant skin at home. Keep scrolling for the lowdown.

Use the studded end to boost circulation and smooth fine lines and the smooth end to reduce puffiness and calm the skin.
This feels amazing when scraped over the skin to lift muscles and boost brightness. Plus, it comes with a handy guide to show you exactly how to use it.
This smaller size is perfect for under your eyes to help diminish dark circles and calm puffiness.
Although it’s designed for use post-sun, this cooling sheet mask is incredibly soothing and calming on all skin types. Keep it in the fridge for an even more refreshing feel.
I’ve raved about this product plenty. It’s genuinely like a cooling burst of water on your skin.
Keep these de-puffing masks in the fridge to maximize their brightening effects and wave goodbye to congested under-eyes.
Infused with orange blossom, rose, and sage waters, this mist not only smells incredible but also does a great job of refreshing the skin.
A soothing mist that provides a luminosity boost to skin post-makeup.
This water-based mist is dewy skin in a bottle, leaving an allover glow while setting your makeup in place.

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