3 Trends Carrie Bradshaw, Meghan Markle, and NY Girls All Love

We all know the adage that great minds think alike. For 2019, this sentiment rings especially true as it pertains to fashion trends, particularly among a slightly unexpected triad of women. Carrie Bradshaw, Meghan Markle, and New York City girls all share a keen sense of taste and personal style that makes us keep coming back to them for inspiration time and time again (and excuse us for referring to Carrie Bradshaw as a real person in the present tense—don’t @ us). However, correlating the three isn’t necessarily something you’d necessarily do without being prompted, right?

Just for fun, we did a deep dive on the three’s best style moments and found trend commonalities in their outfits that had us wanting to do a little summer shopping. From an embellishment that adds instant romance to any look to the easiest way to polish up your outfit, continue on to find out which three fashion trends Carrie Bradshaw, Meghan Markle, and NYC girls all love and adore.

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