5 Banger Trends of 2019 That Have Legs Beyond This Season

One of my best pieces of fashion advice is to cultivate a wardrobe that walks the line. Trend-aware, but not trend-overcome. Currently fresh, sans an imminent expiration date. In the era of trend supersaturation, it can be tricky to navigate the balance, which is why I was excited to interview the mind behind a brand that does it particularly well, LPA. Here’s the thing about the Los Angeles-based clothing line: it simultaneously taps into the collective fashion mood of the moment without treading into trend bot territory. When you come across the brand, oftentimes on an it girl’s Instagram, you want to wear the clothing right now, yet it has an enduring quality too. 

On a trip to Mexico for #RevolveSummer (Revolve is LPA’s parent company), I sat down with Pia Baroncini, the brand’s founder, to learn how she approaches the balance between timeless and trendy: “The basic core pillars of LPA are always the same; It always goes back to this Sophia Loren Italian moment. There’s always going to be a puffy sleeve, a wide neck, a lot of cinched waists, but we consider trends as well.” Baroncini mentions how she’ll use color as a vehicle to tap into the fashion zeitgeist: “We know people really want to wear green, so I can go crazy with green in some of the classic LPA silhouettes.” Enter: the perfectly on-trend pistachio dress that’s already making the rounds as one of the most-loved pieces of the collection. I too couldn’t resist the of-the-moment color (we wrote an entire trend report dedicated to the hue recently, after all) and chose it over hundreds of other options to wear in Mexico. But green isn’t the only trend Baroncini has here eye on for this season—ahead, see which fashion moments the designer is betting on right now. 

“A wide square neck has been a theme since we launched the brand. I’m so thankful it’s a trend because I did this bodysuit a while back that had this wide square neck, and no one bought it, but I was like ‘I’m going to make it happen. Just give it time.'”

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“I’ve never been a triangle bikini person. I’ve always loved a bra-like bikini top. We did  a high-waisted bottom and a bikini top that looked like lingerie. I love something that could be either. When talking to lots of girls what they like in swimwear. There’s a huge consensus around this trend. If you have big boobs you want the support, and if you have small boobs you want them to be lifted too. It’s always a crowd-pleaser.”

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“I love the Jackie dress so much. The green is in ready to wear and all the accessories too. We’ve been wanting to do these strong colors, and i’m so thankful that green is a thing. We picked it six months ago.”

“I would definitely say hearts are trending. We tested out a heart bag, and it did super super well, and everybody loved it. I was like okay everyone loves love as much as I do, so we’ll just keep that going.”

“These major rhinestone moments make me so happy. It started with these rhinestone dangly earrings, and then I wanted to do something with a heart because I’m getting married, and I selfishly made these to wear at my wedding reception.”

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