5 New Swimsuit Trends for Every Body Type

Heads up everyone—there are a few new swimsuit trends on the horizon that are making us crave summer more than we ever have before. Now, we are well aware that swimsuits are not a one-style-fits-all sort of arrangement, and as we present the five new swimsuit trends we’re most excited for this season, we tried to keep that in mind. Swimsuits are very personal—what looks good on you might not feel great on someone else, and no one except for you can decipher that.

So instead of categorizing what you should buy according to your body by “shape” (whatever that means), we decided to break down the five new swimsuit trends ahead according to the part of your body you love the most. No matter what your shape or size, you know there are certain parts of your body you love more than others, and today we are here to help you shop according to that aspect of your body type. 

Below, read up on the four body parts we are championing today via the five swimsuit trends that can clearly be suited for every body type. 

+ Bare Minimum Bikini Briefs ($90)
+ Ace Bikini Top ($95)
+ Lanai Reversible Leopard-Print High-Rise Bikini Briefs ($210). Next up, shop 46 items that empower women with every purchase. 

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