5 New York Women Test Out Rihanna's Fenty Line IRL

Give five people, let alone five fashion girls, the chance to test-drive Rihanna’s new Fenty collection, and they’ll jump at it. I mean, who wouldn’t? Rihanna is sartorially known for many things, from being a general fashion icon to a designer, but this new venture of hers is a bit more major: This time around, instead of collaborating with another brand, Rihanna decided to start from scratch as the CEO and creative director of her own brand. Additionally, Fenty is the first new maison within the LVMH empire since 1987. The cherry on top? She’s the first black woman to create a line under the company. 

The collection is exceptional and celebrates women in a way that, unfortunately, is a rarity. Rihanna channeled the kinds of clothes she wanted to wear, that made her feel good about her body, and, in turn, we all get to reap the benefits of her vision. It seems unfair, but we’re rolling with it. To celebrate the new drop, we gathered our favorite New York women who contribute to Who What Wear to test out their favorite pieces from the collection. Ahead, you’ll get to see five different looks on five different women who are all major Rihanna stans. Each woman really gave her own style spin to the Fenty looks, proving this is a brand that really is well-suited for everyone.

Ahead, read their quotes and you’ll get an inside look at the exact reasoning behind each woman’s love of the brand.

“There’s something about Fenty that screams confidence, and not just because it’s backed by our favorite boss lady. RiRi’s new line dances perfectly on the spectrum from divinely feminine to seriously edgy.The silhouettes in her line, from the fabric to the slits, and shape of the cut are perfectly feminine and fitting for all body types. Contrary to the femininity in her line, the accessories, shoes, and jewelry add the perfect Rihanna spice to manifest her edgy signature look. For my look, it was the perfect blend: A form-fitting summer dress paired with XL oversized glasses is *exactly* the kind of vibe I’m going for this summer.”

“This Japanese denim dress reminds me of hip-hop icons of the early aughts. The dark hue, the stitching, the laid-back, oversize silhouette. But its form-fitting curvature around the waist adds an innovative, futuristic twist that feels so right now. It really encapsulates Rihanna’s unique juxtaposition of ultra-femme and head boss—the meticulous balance she effortlessly nails in so many looks. The idea that women can feel powerful and sexy in the same breath feels very 2019, and this collection perfectly captures the multifaceted quality of the modern woman.”

“My favorite part about Fenty is the use of unique patterns and silhouettes throughout the collection. Even though I’m wearing a dress with a button-down, the balloon sleeves and dark wave print add stylish  elements that could only come from the mind of Rihanna.”

“As someone who is usually (actually, almost always) one to shy away from tight clothing, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of nervousness alongside the rest of my excitement over getting a chance to even touch, let alone test-drive, one of Bad Gal RiRi’s beloved Fenty pieces. Once I had my matching top and skirt on, however, I was shocked at how confident and comfortable I felt in the line. Yes, the pieces I wore are, quite literally, soft and comfy, but in terms of how they made me feel internally, they were also a 10. I loved the of-the-moment racer-front cut of the tank, and how the skirt had a waist tie that allowed you to fit it perfectly to your body. I’d definitely wear this again (and again).”

“I’m a major sucker for a good slip dress, so when I found out I was getting a chance to test out one from Rihanna’s new Fenty line, I was beside myself. This one has a cinching tie on the side, which allows you to make the dress as long or as short as you want, depending on your mood. It was no surprise at all that this dress hugged my body in all the right places, making me feel abnormally confident. This is something I could see women styling so many ways. I chose more simple and elegant accessories, but I definitely thought about throwing on some chunky sneakers and an oversize blazer as well. Leave it to Rihanna to design a collection that suits the style profiles of women everywhere.”

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