7 Fashion "Rules" Rihanna Breaks on the Reg

Ask anyone who’s the baddest bitch of them all, and they will say Rihanna. I mean, her Instagram handle is literally @badgalriri. It doesn’t get more boss than that. Well, the bad-bitch energy that this musical icon is known for has trickled its way down into her fashion reputation as well. No, we aren’t just talking about her new noteworthy Fenty venture, through which she became the first black woman to run a maison within LVMH. For today, we’re just talking about all the fashion “rules” she breaks on the reg.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up seven iconic Rihanna fashion moments in which she proves she doesn’t give a crap about traditional dressing “rules” or all of the random faux pas people abide by. This story is not to say anyone should or shouldn’t be following such fashion rules. In fact, the rules are essentially obsolete, but the ones we are bringing up here are ones we tend to think about when we see them IRL. For example, wearing heels to the airport. If that’s your MO then, by all means, wear those heels, but for most, that’s a major no. Make sense? Great.

Now, before I give away all of the fashion “rules” Rihanna breaks on a daily basis, I’ll let you take a look for yourself.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never seen a person wear a scarf over a baseball hat before, and I love it. It’s like the ultimate incognito vibe. If I were to try to wear this look, my friends might make fun of me, but seeing it on Rihanna feels so right. 

The biggest fashion no in the world (arguably) is wearing stilettos to the airport. It makes absolutely zero sense. I mean, between lugging around suitcases, going through security, and sometimes sprinting to your gate, wearing heels to the airport, again, makes—and I cannot stress this enough—zero sense. But when Rihanna does it, all of my common sense suddenly flies out the window, and I find myself planning my next heel-adorned airport look. 

Coco Chanel famously advised that before leaving the house, one should look in the mirror and remove one accessory. Well, according to Rihanna, exactly the opposite rings true. It takes some courage to rock multiple pieces of statement jewelry at once, let alone a collection of gems that equals just about $1 million, but in BadGalRiRi’s world, the more diamonds, the better.

This might be one of my favorite Rihanna outfits of all time due to the abundance of feathers, but it wasn’t until doing research for this story that I even noticed she was wearing two belts. That’s how effortless it looks. The next time your outfit is in need of a little freshening up, try wearing two contrasting yet similar belts and call it a day. Rihanna proves here this simple styling trick can dress up even the simplest of pajama shirts. 

Another random fashion faux pas that really isn’t a faux pas anymore but people still unnecessarily cringe at is when someone’s bra is visible. No matter how intentional you make it look, there’s always someone who will internally shame you for not tucking in your straps or opting for a strapless bra. It’s stupid, I know, but it’s a harsh world. Once again, Rihanna doesn’t give a crap, especially now that she has her own line of lingerie. You better believe she’s flaunting her designs as often as possible. 

I don’t even know what to say about this outfit. I was recently watching “Seth and Rihanna Go Day Drinking” (which, if you haven’t seen it already, is a hilarious new segment by Seth Meyers) in which Rihanna revealed that she wore this outfit to the dentist… THE DENTIST. Moral of the story? If Rihanna can get this creative to go get her teeth cleaned, what’s your excuse?

Last but not least, Rihanna loves wearing sunglasses at night. Because she’s Rihanna. End of story. 

Next up, find out what happened when five New York girls styled Rihanna’s newest Fenty line. 

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