7 Major Summer Trends French Women Would Never Wear

We’re not totally on-board with all the big trends that crop up on runways and fashion influencers’ Instagram accounts, but this summer, we are living for the whimsical puffy sleeves, strappy sandals, tie-dye, and beaded jewelry we’re seeing. That said, we have noticed that while the American fashion girls we follow online for inspiration seem to be fully embracing all sorts of trends this summer—from chic and elegant to vibrant and whacky—the French women we scroll past are leaving out a few specific ones.

According to the patterns we’ve noticed in American vs. French style for summer 2019, here are seven major style and beauty trends French women are leaving out of their wardrobes this year—and seven they’re wearing instead. 

French girls prefer to remain inconspicuous, and the whole “Look at me, I’m a tourist!” hat trend is so… not that.

You’d be much more likely to see a relaxed vacation hat in a natural straw style on the beachside streets of Nice.

Americans have such nostalgia for this ’60s revival trend, but to French women, it’s just loud—and too DIYish.

If we’re talking summer prints, tiny florals are all over French influencers’ Instagrams. Not groundbreaking, of course, but undeniably pretty.

Summer 2019 is all about color in multiple iterations, and rainbow beaded jewelry is one of them. But again, it’s not understated or chic, which is what French women are all about.

Simple, classic gold jewelry is more the French girl vibe. The most daring French girls are getting this summer is layering their necklaces. Rainbow is fully off the table.

The resurgence of this sporty ’90s trend just doesn’t resonate with French culture. 

But an elegant pair of cat-eye shades will always have a place in the French-girl arsenal.

Objectively, these are adorable—but they’re almost too adorable for a French woman. 

Naturally textured straw and woven bags are also on-trend for summer, and we’re seeing much more of these on our favorite French girls’ Instagrams.

Americans also have nostalgia for Tevas and other “dad” kicks, but you won’t catch a French girl strolling through the flower market in sporty or crunchy summer camp–esque sandals. 

On the other end of the sandal spectrum, lace-up sandals and espadrilles are also making a comeback—and French fashion girls are embracing it. 

Neon oranges, pinks, and greens are the trend that just won’t quit. But by and large, French girls, whose wardrobes are dominated by neutrals, aren’t into it. 

That said, it’s not as if color has no place in French women’s summer 2019 wardrobe. It’s simply happening in slightly more muted brights, like canary yellow, moss green, and violet purple. 

In terms of beauty trends, Beyoncé’s makeup artist told us earlier this week that baby pink lips (as well as corals and sheer peaches) are happening this summer. But French girls really don’t tend to mix up their lip colors and definitely not for cool-toned pastel pink.

Red lipstick rules everything in the French beauty wardrobe. It’s red lipstick by Chanel (or Armani) or bust!

Stacking multiple whimsical hair clips and barrettes is a huge trend we’re seeing this summer, and I personally love it. But French women don’t like to look as if they’ve tried too hard on their hair.

So no hair clips it is! Just effortless texture, maybe a little sea salt spray, and some fringe, and you’re good to go.

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