7 Trends That Will Die by Summer 2019

Ready or not, summer is quickly on its way. We know, we know… You are still probably sorting out your spring wardrobe, telling yourself you’re planning on doing your spring-cleaning, and still trying to figure out what kind of spring jacket perfectly fits into your aesthetic without ruining it. But facts are facts, and summer 2019 is almost here. Since we know you lovely readers are quite fond of shopping according to trends, we decided to help you narrow down what it is you should be shopping for as you prep your ultimate summer wardrobe.

To help you put these important summer trends into perspective a bit, we countered each of the new ones with old ones that are very much on the decline if they aren’t already fully dead. If you still love any of the trends we’ve deemed as on the outs, fear not—this is merely an educational guide as to what is really hot this season and what isn’t really. Ready to see what we came up with?

Ahead, shop the seven most important summer trends including everything from printed bucket hats to one-shoulder tank tops. If you ask us, we have a feeling this might be your best-looking summer yet.

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