8 Basics That Deliver, No Matter Where in the World You Live

Something I’ve discovered since becoming a Who What Wear editor is that people love basics. Jeans, T-shirts, sneakers, jackets—you name it. These wildly versatile items are the bread and butter of a wardrobe, and they should make up a good portion of our wardrobes, so it’s understandable that people want to know what the most essential staples are.

I currently follow 1300 Instagram accounts, many of which are stylish women around the world. And, naturally, they wear lots of basics. Among those basics are a handful of items I see so much that I hardly even notice them anymore, but they definitely shouldn’t go unnoticed in your closet. The differences between how people dress in cities around the world are vast, so the fact that women that reside in (or are visiting) these cities around the globe have basics in common is significant. 

Keep scrolling to see and shop the eight basics I regularly spot on women around the world.

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