8 Jewelry Trends You're About to See Everywhere This Summer

Sweet summertime is officially here, striking up memories of childhood days spent by the pool with puka shells strung around my neck, running barefoot to the beach while my anklet jingled lightly, Popsicles melting in the heat as I showed my friends the newest addition to my charm bracelet… Ah, the ’90s. Fast-forward to living as a fashion girl in New York City and there’s nary a pool nor Popsicle in sight, but puka shells? They’re everywhere, as ’90s jewelry trends are about to be hotter than Manhattan in August.

Though many ’90s trends induce great divides—you either love ’em or hate ’em—there’s no denying that the kitschy, playful vibes of ’90s jewelry lend themselves perfectly to summer. This season, think anything that jingles or dangles while making a bright, colorful statement. From anklets to chokers, the ’90s are calling, and we’re picking up.

Ahead, we’ve rounded up the eight jewelry trends that have made their way out of the ’90s and into 2019, and shown you ways to wear them everywhere from the beach to the five boroughs. Before you raid your childhood jewelry box, scroll ahead to learn about the modern twist on each trend, how fashion girls are styling them, and our favorite versions for summer.

Previously a kitschy memento brought back from a holiday in Bora Bora, the upgraded shell trend has crept into the fashion girls’ wardrobes in the form of necklaces, anklets, and more. Nothing screams summer more than jewelry inspired by the beach, with gold settings making them feel deliciously luxe. From delicate tulip shells to petite cowries, this trend has staying power.

The perfect addition to a bikini or a blazer.

Add this to your stack of gold necklaces for the perfect touch.

Wear this to make city life feel like beach life all year round.

The sartorial world has once more given anklets their due with the trend seen across the entire S/S 19 runways, from Chloé to Givenchy. Once worn with jelly sandals or flip-flops, anklets are now being easily styled with heels, loafers, or even over your ankle-strap sandals for a cool layered look. We predict they’re about to be all over the Instagram scene.

How cute would this look with a rainbow pedicure to match?

Bringing back memories of summer camp in the best way possible.

Perfect if you’re looking for something light and dainty.

Delicate but not stuffy, the pearls of 2019 are being upgraded with fun beading, gold chains, and big hoops, making them the perfect playful touch to a slip dress or an open, collared shirt. These are not the pearls your grandmother wore; they’re back with a fun, colorful splash.

Simple and elegant.

Style this with a cool T-shirt layered with other necklaces. 

Proving that pearls are for everyone.

The Tiffany charm bracelet I begged for as an eighth-grade graduation gift has sadly sat in my jewelry box since ninth grade, waiting to make a refreshed debut. The time has finally come, as charms are officially back and designers are jumping on the bandwagon faster than you can say Juicy Couture. Between your initials and the Eiffel Tour, there’s nothing like charms to let everyone know who you are and where you’ve been!

Tiny joys indeed.

Never mind eye candy; we’re all about ear candy.

Shells and charms mean two trends for the price of one!

Fruit is no longer just for a platter but perfect for adorning your ears and necks. This trend pairs well with heart-shaped sunglasses and an ice cream cone, bringing back your inner child or inspiring the feeling of walking through your local farmers market.

These earrings scream summer and fun in the sun.

This inspires the same joyous feeling as a fresh fruit salad on a hot summer day.

Pair this with a cherry lollipop to match.

As cool as your edgy, black tattoo choker was in middle school, the revamped choker is bright, beaded, and better than ever. Rather than tight against your neck, try wearing a choker over your collar for a true fashion-girl look.

True to its name, this choker inspires images of lounging on a Greek island over the summer.

The choker that middle school dreams are made of.

It’s all in the name. This choker is a party.

Much like the charm bracelet, this ’90s trend is very much about showing who you are to the world, and isn’t that what jewelry is all about? Why not take that literally and wear your own name (or your S.O.’s à la Aimee Song) in a beautifully personalized dainty necklace or earring.

Snag this piece to replicate Song’s look.

Mejuri knows how to do fine jewelry.

When you want your name to be front and center.

Amid the transparent sandals and sheer blouses is another clear trend this season: Lucite jewelry. Offered in a range of transparent to pastel colorways, this accessory is emerging as one of the fashion set’s favorites. Wear lucite hoops or bangles at your wrist and up on your arm for the perfect addition to your bikini and sun hat.

Who said lucite had to be totally transparent?

Wear this high up on your arm for a cool beachy look.

Three is better than one.

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