8 Mango Items Selling Out in Paris and Milan

European women have particularly enviable closets. Although, we probably didn’t need to remind you of this as there’s about a 99.9% chance you follow a range of these ladies on the ‘gram. While we turn to this fashion-forward set for a variety of shopping inspiration, it’s their affinity for elevated affordable must-haves that especially pique our interest.

For Paris and Milan girls, specifically, it’s all about Mango these days for those on-trend finds that make a statement. In fact, after taking a deep dive into the hashtag #MangoGirls (which often features those in the brand’s influencer program), it became clear that the under $200-Mango items French and Italian women are currently coveting are actually starting to fly off shelves. It honestly makes perfect sense. Who wouldn’t be into an eclectic skirt or a modern blazer you can wear legit every week? Exactly.

If you want to emulate their wardrobes, you better get to it. Keep scrolling to shop the Mango finds the coolest European fashion people are wearing now, and check out even more finds that are bound to sell out in three, two, one…

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