8 Trends I Will (and Won't) Be Buying for Summer

I basically spot trends for a living and am constantly keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest of them to hit the fashion world. But just because I have my eye on all of them doesn’t mean that 100% of the current trends will eventually find their way into my closet. If I did buy into every new trend all the retailers were selling, I’d end up looking, well, not like myself at all. So knowing how to pick and choose the styles to buy into and those to skip is crucial to maintaining a strong sense of personal style. Get the gist?

If you, too, usually take an edited approach to shopping for trend pieces, then you might just be inspired my below edit of summer trends to skip and those to buy. While I have nothing personal against the trends I’m choosing not to buy, I’ve simply decided that they’re just not for me. Honestly, that decision is pretty liberating—it feels satisfying to say no to some of the trends that everyone is pushing at the moment. So if you’re curious about which summer styles I will and won’t be investing in, keep reading to find out my reasoning for each and to shop the one I fully plan on adding to my closet.

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