8 Weird Trends That Are About to Be Everywhere

With an eye focused on Instagram, one thing is clear—we’re in store for some “weird” fashion trends. That’s right, there are plenty of unexpected trends and controversial fashion pieces that are about to break and will be everywhere soon. Yes, get ready to see everything from square-toe shoes to the about-to-break styling trick spreading among the fashion set to the popular 2000s piece I didn’t expect to make a comeback.

But just because I’m calling them “weird” doesn’t mean that I’m not into them. On the contrary, I’m very ready to embrace each of these trends into my own closet and I expect each of these will be all over the street style scene once fashion month arrives in less than two months. Ahead, see eight “weird” fashion trends being embraced by the fashion set that you’ll want to add to your closet.

From “dad” hats to bucket styles, there always seems to be a new hat trend in the mix. Right now, we’re seeing sculptural shapes command the style scene, so prepare to see more of these unexpected silhouettes.

A month ago at the Bottega Veneta resort 2020 presentation, several of the looks were styled with shoe straps tied over the ankles. Since then, we’ve seen countless outfits styled the same way and expect the trend to take off during fashion month.

While it may be too hot to wear an all-leather look right now, this will be one of fall’s biggest trends. If you prefer to skip leather altogether, opt for a brand like Nanushka that consistently designs excellent vegan takes on the look.

Square toe heels are the shoe trend that will define the second half of 2019. Another trend we can thank Bottega Veneta for.

This is the expected shade defining the season. Pack it now for summer vacations and wear it long into fall.

Yes, the tube top is back. And yes, we’re seeing more stylish ways than ever to wear the 2000’s fashion staple.

While we’ve been predicting the return of denim Bermuda shorts for some time, there is now no denying their staying power. It’s time to make room for these in your closet.

Padded bags are the next accessories trend to look out for with standout versions available from A.W.A.K.E.

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