9 Trends to Wear to Work This Summer That Will Actually Impress Your Boss

These days, when I shop for new clothes, 80% of the time, I’ll ask myself Can I wear this to work?(The other 20% of the time I’m buying clothes that—it’s safe to say—will definitely not be making an appearance at the officethink denim shorts, lounge pants, bikinis… all of which may give my boss a mini heart attack.)

The truth is I spend a lot of time at work, so my purchases need to accommodate days spent at the office as well as meetings, press trips, and business dinners. But this doesn’t mean my work looks have to be boring. In fact, I love to challenge myself and get creative with balancing trendy and professional pieces. With summer just around the corner, there’s one more factor to add to the mix—sweltering temps.

Considering the upcoming heat, it’s normal to wonder how to rock summer’s biggest trending pieces and still look entirely appropriate for the office. Below, I’m sharing some chic office-outfit ideas that hit some of the biggest trends and are fit for an office environment.

Whether you work freelance, full-time, in a relaxed or corporate environment, there’s a little something for every work situation. Now, bring on the summer Fridays.

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