A Celeb, Swim Designer, and Stylist Say These 3 Things Make a Bikini Perfect

You might find yourself saying that the perfect bikini just doesn’t exist but check back in approximately 20 slides from now and you may have a different idea. I get it, though. How could the perfect set exist when everyone has a different idea about what that means. For instance, some might prefer a strappy, barely there look while others are loyal to high-waisted bottoms.

Between preferences on style, fit, and, um, the fact that no two bodies are alike, there’s obviously not one bikini that’s perfect for everyone, but instead, a few details that combine to make a swimsuit you’re completely obsessed with. To find out how to choose a swimsuit that comes close to perfection, we asked the experts: a swimsuit designer who thinks about fit constantly, a celebrity stylist with amazing taste, and a rising name Hollywood who’s made body positivity her mission. Keep reading to find out what each of them is deeming the three most important qualities in a bikini, and then, of course, find your new favorite here.

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