All the Under-$100 Items in My Cart RN

As someone who shops a lot—perhaps, too much—okay, definitely too much—I consider it a small victory when I manage to keep my purchases within a reasonable budget, or at least in the same ballpark as I’d planned for. While it doesn’t happen all the time, I can at least say I have a handful of fiscally successful seasons under my belt, and I’m hoping that this summer can be another one.

So what’s the game plan? Well, what I like to do is begin my seasonal shopping by looking for as many cool, affordable items as I can find first. That way, I can hit on as many trends and stock up on as many basics as possible at low prices, leaving less of a desire to splurge on investment pieces. On that note, today I’ve rounded up all the under-$100 items that are “pending” in my shopping cart right now—38 of them to be exact. From tops to skirts to swimwear, just keep scrolling to see and shop the ones that made the cut.  

It seems I’m not the only one who’s into this dress right now.
The reason I’m including the white version of this top is because I already bought the black.
I love that you can also style this with jeans as a bodysuit.
These will be the shoes you wear literally every day this summer.
I love how good this tank looks with a bright-colored pant.
These are definitely a thing, and Levi’s has perfected them.
Love options? This classic slip skirt comes in nine cool colors.
Is it cheating if I already bought this? It’s great for the gym but even better as a going-out top.
Sorry, I’m a sucker for glitter.
This feels like a basic, but will make any outfit so much cooler.
Cue the “as if.”
I mean…
I’m a sucker for scarf print Part I.
I’m a sucker for scarf print Part II.
That summer top you’ll want to re-wear every day.
I’m so into the idea of matching my beach cover-up to my bikini this summer, but this top will also look just as good with jeans.
This color has really made its mark on the fashion world.
Well, these are fun! 
A cool blazer that comes with its own outfit inspo.
This will look so good with the H&M blazer above.
Hello, summer weddings.
The perfect shade.
I must have a cargo pant moment this season.
Pro tip: If you’re on a budget, just buy a statement bikini top and style it with a bottom you already own.
This would make for such a cool bathing suit cover-up.
Read about how this is a small part of my larger spring aesthetic. 
Perfect for your on-trend beige outfits.
Cool pants make an outfit.
Color combo on point.
We appreciate the affordable price point, Acne Studios! 
You can’t beat Levi’s affordable denim.
This neckline is everything.
Can you tell I’m really into long shorts right now?
I needed you to see how good these look with a midi skirt.
I just imagine this is so flattering on.
This is the type of bag you want to take on vacation.
I can’t help it if I’m obsessed with basics.
Sorry for all the pink today but, in case it’s not your thing, this top also comes in classic white.

Up next? Why my spring aesthetic is all about OOO style.

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