Amal Clooney's Hairstylist Told Us All of His Favorite Hair Trends for Summer

Fact one: Amal Clooney has amazing hair. Fact two: We want to know all of her secrets, or rather, all the amazing hair secrets of her go-to mane man, celebrity hairstylist Miguel Perez. As a Hair Rituel by Sisley ambassador and a sought-after expert with A-list clientele like Clooney, Salma Hayek, Suki Waterhouse, Lucy Liu, and others, it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about hair—and the most important hair trends the industry is currently prioritizing. 

Typically, our summer hair aesthetic is way laxer than other times of the year. We embrace effortless low-maintenance looks and (to our best ability) banish our blow dryer and styling tools until the fall and winter months. (Summer is the perfect time for hair rehab, folks.) That doesn’t mean we want to sacrifice our hair’s style or integrity though, and we still want to know what summer hair products, styles, cuts, and accessories are on the mind of crème de la crème hairstylists like Perez. From ribbons to “perfectly imperfect” buns, Perez is spilling all of his thoughts on summer hair trends. Keep scrolling! 

Don’t get us wrong, a face-framing bob or lob is still very on-trend for summer 2019 (and, honestly, probably forever), but this past year, we’ve been seeing fewer and fewer drastic chops from our favorite celebs and more and more long hair moments. (And yes, lots and lots of extensions.) . Whether you choose to go au naturel and grow your hair out or want to experiment with a more temporary dabble in length, Perez says long and layered is one of his favorite summer hair trends right now. Need some help in the growth department? Click here. Want an extensions schooling? Check this story out. 

When we chatted with Perez, he reiterated that right now the beauty world is really experiencing a mix of different trends. (So please, do what you wish with your hair!) That said, he explained that in addition to long layers, a mid-length bob is an on-point way to try out a shorter crop this summer. 

“Pulling your hair into a soft braid in the daytime is an easy and low-maintenance way to get waves in the evening!” Perez tells us. He recommends smoothing a hydrating oil or serum through your length to keep your strands glossy and moisturized.

According to Perez, an effortless high ponytail is a great, easy option for summer. “When styling your hair in a braid or high ponytail, finish the look with a diamenté clip, bow, or ribbon to give you effortlessly glamorous but easy hair for the summer.”

“For a perfect messy bun, tie your hair into a ponytail before twisting it into a bun, leaving the ends a loose and messy,” directs Perez. 

“In the summer, I really advise caring for your hair following the texture of natural hair, focusing on conditioning it, and treating it the same way that we treat our skin,” says Perez. His number one product must? An ultra-luxe shampoo.  [Ed. note: This is one of the best shampoos I’ve tried, and I’ve kept it on deck all summer long! It’s hydrating, but not so heavy that your hair ends up greasy or weighed down.]

A high-quality hair mask or protecting formula is another product that’s honestly more of a necessity than a trend during the hair-depleting months of summer. Perez loves this sun-shielding formula from Sisley-Paris. (And we editors love it too!)

“I always recommend a little bit of this hair oil from Sisley-Paris so your hair looks and feels hydrated!” Perez shares.  Aside from smelling heavenly, this dreamy oil blends passion fruit, shea, cotton and moringa oils to nourish the hair in a featherweight way. Pack it in your beach bag and apply it dry and/or damp strands. 

As mentioned above, accessories like diamenté clips, bows, or ribbons are a few of summer’s best hair trends and easily elevate any of the above styles or cuts. Shop our favorites below! 

Up next, the 17 products your hair is practically begging for this summer. 

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