Anna Wintour Says She Loves This Controversial Shoe Trend

Exciting announcement if you’re an Anna Wintour fan: Vogue’s latest “Go Ask Anna” video is now out, and, per usual, it’s filled with little fashion nuggets straight from Wintour herself. For this installment, citizens of NYC asked her everything from her thoughts on Rihanna’s new Fenty clothing line to her favorite shoe brand (Manolo Blahnik) to how she decides what to wear every morning to what she thinks of flip-flops, the controversial shoe trend that has become quite the trend this year. When asked how she feels about flip-flops outside of the nail salon, Wintour’s answer was very to the point: She said, “I love flip-flops.”

Now if I were asking the question, I’d also ask, “And would you ever wear them?” But since I haven’t had the chance, I’m going to go ahead and predict that she’d wear a pair of chic leather flip-flops in a neutral color on a tropical vacation but not the colorful rubber flip-flops that have been prevalent on the street style scene

Watch Vogue’s new “Go Ask Anna” installment below and shop elevated flip-flops that I think she’d actually wear.

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