Bella Hadid Wore the $62 Basic Our Editors Are Obsessed With

Spotted last night in Los Angeles, California was Bella Hadid wearing one of our (and when I say our I mean us Who What Wear editors) favorite basics. Normally I don’t get that excited over the celebrity press releases that come through my inbox, but if I’m being honest, this one had me a little speechless. It’s always shocking to see a celebrity wearing something you yourself own let alone are fully obsessed with. Well, that’s how we felt when Bella was photographed wearing the Aritzia tank top we each have in multiple colorways: the Babaton ribbed knit tank

This tank top is currently on sale at Aritzia and is available in most colors and in most sizes (a rarity if you’re a die-hard Aritzia fan). If you are in dire need of a basics refresh, I highly recommend you add this tank to cart in a few hues and call it a day. Thanks to the ribbing and form-fitting silhouette, going braless is a breeze, it flatters all the places you want to be flattered in, tucks into everything seamlessly, and if you let me, I could come up with hundreds of more reasons why you too need this tank top. Instead, I’ll let you keep scrolling to see how Bella Hadid (and a surprise guest) styled this under $100 basic, to shop it for yourself, and to see how our editors are styling it. 

On Bella Hadid: Babaton Arjun Long Knit Top ($62); Frasier Sterling Lovers Hoop Earrings ($40)

On Bella Hadid: Babaton Arjun Long Knit Top ($62); Frasier Sterling Lovers Hoop Earrings ($40)

On Lucy Hale: Ray-Ban Rb3447 Sunglasses ($153); Levi’s Ribcage Pleated Crop Pants in on the Fence ($98); Madewell Frances Loafer ($148)

Up next, shop the new under-$100 Levi’s that have everyone talking. 

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