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6 Angelina Jolie Basics Everyone Should Own

6 Angelina Jolie Basics Everyone Should Own

Not one to follow fleeting trends, Angelina Jolie’s style is practically synonymous with timeless basics. Given her penchant for all-black ensembles, classic nude pumps, and polished accessories, we’d even go so far as to say her looks are predictably “boring” but in the best possible way. In fact, we’d argue that her always-sophisticated style makes a compelling case for steering clear of trendy items altogether and instead filling your closet with pared-back, classic pieces.

After culling through pics of Jolie, we’re sharing six must-own basics the style icon can’t stop wearing. From a neutral top that goes with everything to an outerwear essential that’s endlessly versatile to a classic shoe style that just so happens to be trending right now, these are the pieces that Jolie gets the most mileage out of in her wardrobe—and that we think everyone should own. Keep scrolling to see which wardrobe … Read the rest