Celine Dion Just Wore a Capri-Legging Chanel Outfit Like It's No Big Deal

Celine Dion’s style as of late has been well documented (but who are we kidding, she’s been a style icon since the ’90s). Ever since celebrity stylist Law Roach (he calls himself an “image architect” got hold of her, her looks have gone to directional new heights that leave our jaws on the floor (see for yourself). Dion spends a lot of time in Paris these days, and that’s oftentimes where some of her most well-documented looks occur, like the one we’re talking about here. 

Dion stepped out in Paris yesterday in a look that was one part Sandy in the final scene of Grease, one part Chanel runway in the ’90s (although the look was actually from the brands S/S 19 collection). Not everyone can get away with skin-tight capri leggings, strappy heels, and multiple Chanel logos (BRB, need a Chanel chain belt), but if anyone can, it’s Dion. If she has you feeling inspired (and like splurging), keep scrolling to shop similar vintage Chanel pieces to pair with your next all-black look.

On Celine Dion: Chanel jumpsuit and Metal and Calfskin Belt ($1650); Gianvito Rossi Portofino 105 Suede Sandals ($815)

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