Congrats: We Just Did All Your Summer Beauty Shopping for You

Don’t get us wrong: Shopping for makeup (and skincare) is fun. Like, really fun. But it’s hard to stay focused while shopping in-store. Unless you’re an absolute pro at narrowing down picks and not getting distracted by all the heavenly products, you’ve likely wasted more time and money seeking seasonally appropriate products than you’d like to admit. Ahem.

Luckily retailers like Walmart have jumped in to make it easy—a little too easy—for us shoppers to knock out all our beauty shopping in one go. (Sidenote: The retail giant has a shockingly good beauty department stocked with every essential you could possibly need or want.) And now we’re taking it one step further and rounding up all the summer must-haves that actually matter.

Part of the appeal of summer beauty is to get people thinking, Is she or isn’t she wearing makeup? The easiest way to get heads turning? Apply your foundation (or face makeup of choice) with this sponge. Start by wetting it (it helps reduce the amount of product that gets absorbed), wring out excess water, and start bouncing it on your face. The less coverage you want, the more bouncing you should do to sheer it out.

Not wearing highlighter in the summer is like passing up a sample sale of your favorite designer: pure craziness. This one in particular gives a subtle glowiest of summer glows to your skin, mostly because it’s infused with vitamin E. Wear it on its own or on top of your makeup; if you’re feeling really crazy, mix some with your foundation to truly have a lit-from-within glow.

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