How to Wear Jeans and a T-Shirt All Season and Not Get Bored

As someone who quite literally lives in jeans and a T-shirt (in any season), I’m always looking to find ways to change it up. Of course, not too much. I’d still like to keep the core of the outfit as is but simply update it so it doesn’t appear that I’m wearing the same thing every day (even if I sneakily am). If you’re like me, or you’re simply one of those people who get bored easily, I think you’ll find today’s roundup useful.

Below, I’m highlighting five easy ways to make your jeans-and-tee combo feel fresh over and over again. From outerwear to accessories, these tips will have your old favorites looking like new and your outfits feeling on trend for the next few months (with pretty minimal effort if I do say so myself). To see the looks for yourself and, of course, do some shopping along the way, just keep scrolling.

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