I Never Wear Color—But These Outfits Make Me Want To

Okay, maybe the word never is an overstatement, but unfortunately the title “I Don’t Wear Color Often, and When I Do It’s Usually Paired With Jeans or Neutrals” just didn’t have the same ring to it. Plus, I think you all get the point. Nonetheless, it’s true. As evidenced by my not one but two Instagram accounts, a pop of color is more of a surprising delight than a regular occurrence in my wardrobe, and when I do muster up the strength to purchase and wear something more out-there than my usual rotation of denim, black, and white, I tend to take the safest route and pair the piece with neutrals and/or jeans because, quite frankly, I’m scared to try it any other way.

The five girls you’re about to see below, however, are not. They’re actually so good at wearing and pairing colors, they could (and possibly should?) teach a class on it. They’ve even inspired me to take one of the below outfits for a spin—once I own enough colorful items to make it physically possible, of course. To see the looks that have me wanting to step outside my box, plus shop some vibrant pieces along the way, just keep scrolling.

Up next? All the under-$100 items in my cart RN.

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