I Thought Buying These 7 Bags Was Boring, But I'm So Glad I Did

I’ve never been one to shy away from statement bags (like this multicolored Susan Alexandra creation). I love a conversation-starting bag that attracts compliments and questions, but I realize that my fun handbags aren’t particularly appropriate for every occasion and that I need everyday styles to supplement. While I may not click add to cart quite as quickly as I do when I see a bag with crystals or fringe on it, the “boring” bag styles highlighted below are the ones that get the most use in my collection (similar to these “boring” basics I made myself buy).

When I say boring, I’m not referring to something that’s plain or unstylish by any means. I’m referring to bags that are neutral or functional. They may not be the latest It bags (although in some cases, boring bags are It bags), but they are the ones I bring when I travel and seek versatility, need a low-key bag that won’t compete with my outfit, or just don’t have time to think about what bag to carry that day. On the same page? Keep scrolling to shop seven “boring” bag styles that I couldn’t live without.

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