Leonardo DiCaprio in the '90s Is My 2019 Style Aesthetic

I am weirdly obsessed with an Instagram account called Nineties Anxiety. The account is dedicated to serving its followers some of the best throwback moments of celebs in the ’90s in addition to some moments I feel have never been seen before. I use this account to brighten my day, give me outfit ideas, and much more. Well, after scrolling through some of my saved photos the other day, I noticed I had dozens of photos of Leonardo DiCaprio in the ’90s saved for my viewing pleasure. 

After assembling all the photos in one place, I realized that Leo might be my new 2019 style icon. Back in the day, Leo wore everything from oversize blazers, chain necklaces, ribbed tank tops, and pleated trousers—all items that are either sitting in my closet as we speak or are on my list of pieces to add to my wardrobe this year. Beyond the exact items, I’ve also found myself drawing inspiration from how Leo styled the pieces.

Ahead, check out some of my favorite Leonardo DiCaprio style moments from the ’90s and shop out the pieces you’ll need to re-create the looks. 

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