Our Editors Share the 12 Amazon Buys That Changed Their Lives

Amazon has undoubtedly become our premiere resource for, well, everything. There are few other retailers where you can buy a bulk pack of your soon-to-be-discontinued favorite concealer, specialty sun-dried tomatoes from a mom-and-pop shop in Italy, and a new pair of heels all in one go, let alone expect it all at your doorstep within a couple of days. Amazon’s massive marketplace is an online shopper’s godsend. But unless you already have a specific product in mind, its overstocked digital shelves also make it difficult to suss out the true diamonds in the rough.

Cracking the code to Amazon’s best gems is a never-ending challenge. Product reviews tell only half the story. To lend a helping hand, we’ve had our editors weigh in on their own holy-grail Amazon buys. Purchased, tested, and approved, these 12 items have changed their lives for the better (a chic Squatty Potty included!). So before you spiral down yet another Amazon rabbit hole, shop WWW’s ride-or-die purchases below.

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