Over-50 Celebs Love These Under-$50 Staples

Fashion doesn’t have an age limit. Just because you turn 50 doesn’t mean you have to head directly for your closet, clear it out, and overhaul your style. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Chic pieces, interesting details, and bold colors still can—and should—fill your over-50 wardrobe and are available at any price point. When it comes down to it, age isn’t all that important in terms of individual style.

Celebrities who are over 50 seem to agree with us because the likes of Cindy Crawford, Salma Hayek, Elizabeth Hurley, and Christie Brinkley all wear of-the-moment outfits regularly that prove this. It’s not so much the pieces themselves but how they style them that makes them so chic, timeless, and elegant. Keep scrolling to see the under-$50 staples that over-50 celebs love to wear. These budget-friendly outfit building blocks are anything but basic.

The power blazer is beloved by celebrities who are 50 and older. It’s so beloved that it’s become a staple of celebs like Andie MacDowell, Salma Hayek, and Cindy Crawford, who all regularly wear various iterations of the fitted suit separate. Here, MacDowell wears her blazer over a fringed tunic. It’s an outfit that plays with texture and proportions, and we love it. 
Salma Hayek knows that a thin blazer makes for the perfect travel outfit. She layers hers over a graphic tee and accessorizes it with a long necklace, dark sunglasses, and a white fedora. 
Angela Bassett knows the power of a monochromatic outfit, and she’s not afraid to wield it. Here, she wears an aquamarine monochromatic suit that’s layered over a matching tank top. Her gold heels are a nice touch.
Skinny jeans look amazing on everyone, regardless of size or age. Since they’re form-fitting, they flatter curves and provide a sleek silhouette. Here, Courteney Cox wears light-blue skinny jeans with a black blazer, aviator glasses, and black pumps. It’s an after-work dinner outfit we definitely approve of. In fact, we just might wear this outfit ourselves.
While traveling, Julianne Moore forgoes the more traditional blue jeans for a charcoal black pair instead. The jeans, when paired with a distressed white tee and tousled hair, look a little bit edgy.
Christie Brinkley’s black jeans are high-waisted and form-fitting. Peep the cool zipper detail.
Heeled sandals provide height without any extra bulk, creating a sleek and elongated look, and celebs over 50 are big fans. Take a look at this two-toned outfit that Sandra Bullock is wearing as proof. She pairs her power blazer with ruby-red heeled sandals that have a delicate ankle strap and a knotted detail on the front. 
Vanessa Williams wears a pair of heeled sandals that have a heavily fringed ankle strap. They complement her black midi dress well, but we think they’d also look amazing when paired with high-waisted baggy jeans.
Elizabeth Hurley’s heeled sandals are of the barely there and super-strappy variety. She’s right on trend with the strappy-heel craze that’s happening right now. Again, these shoes would look just as sleek with a pair of jeans as they do with Hurley’s lace midi dress.
Graphic tees aren’t just for teens and 20-somethings. Celebs over 50 wear graphic tees and tanks regularly, and they look effortlessly cool while they’re at it. Here, Halle Berry wears a pop art–inspired tank top with baggy jeans and a pair of heeled sandals. 
Everything about Cindy Crawford’s outfit gives us cool model-off-duty vibes, from the white sneakers to the breezy midi skirt, leather moto jacket, and graphic tee that peaks out from underneath.
Naomi Campbell hits the outfit trifecta wearing heeled sandals, skinny jeans, and a graphic tee all at once. Throw on a lacy choker and black aviators, and you’ll have a look that’s approved by the fashion elite.
Marisa Tomei pairs her bright red leather midi skirt with a white tee and a fitted navy blue blazer. It’s the perfect outfit for wearing to a casual summer wedding, no?
Sarah Jessica Parker’s flowy midi skirt peaks out from beneath her wool overcoat. In true SJP fashion, it’s ruffled, printed, and paired with heeled shoes.
Brooke Shields wears a figure-hugging midi skirt that has a hem made up of mesh, sequins, and fringe. This, paired with her graphic tee and white boots, makes for unique evening wear.

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