Sorry, These 9 Jewelry Trends Are Officially Out

In order to welcome something new into your closet, you often have to say goodbye to something else. This is an easy sentiment to remember when it comes to clothing, but as far as jewelry is concerned, we often turn a blind eye. Since your jewelry (no matter how you store it) takes up significantly less space than a coat or a pair of jeans, the buildup of excess and outdated pieces can easily go unnoticed. Spring-cleaning involves all areas of your wardrobe, including jewelry—fine, costume, and everything in between. 

Here to help us decide what to toss and what to keep from our jewelry drawers this season are a handful of the industry’s most well-respected jewelry designers. Ahead, find out what they have to say about the outdated jewelry trends you should toss, in addition to the spring jewelry trends you should be buying in their place. From turquoise to colored gemstone baguettes, we have a feeling you’ll be head over heels in love with all the new jewelry trends ahead. 

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