The #1 Packing Mistake & Pro Tip Shay Mitchell Learned From Traveling Constantly

As a model, actress, entrepreneur, and author, Shay Mitchell fits the classic definition of a multihyphenate. Another descriptor I’d add to the list? Frequent flier. It’s not a secret that Shay Mitchell loves to travel. After all, you don’t start a YouTube channel called Shaycation showcasing your exotic excursions around the world if you’re more of a homebody. Indeed, when I ask Mitchell how many flights she has caught so far this year, the number is so high she says she has lost count.

Clocking substantial time in the air has turned out to be a special source of inspiration for Mitchell—just last year she launched Béis in partnership with Revolve, a travel gear and accessories line, and is now expanding on the concept by adding a summer clothing collection aimed at the stylish traveler. When asked about the aim behind the Shaycation x Revolve collection, Mitchell shared, “I wanted to select styles that are versatile for every vacation occasion, whether that be jet setting around the world or paring it back with a cocktail by the pool.”

The line had its big Instagram debut recently at #RevolveSummer, which is where I caught up with Mitchell on everything from her favorite pieces from the new line to her packing secrets.

When curating this collection, I strived to include pieces that would be great for going from sightseeing to a night out, so stylish versatility is definitely the key here. For that reason, it is a little hard to pick just five pieces as so many are great for your next adventure, but…”

“The wildcard statement piece would definitely be the Shaycation x Revolve Sandy crocheted dress. I love this piece and think it is super versatile for the beach or nightlife.”

“For plane, train, or car rides, or just a night in, I love the Frequent Flyer sweatsuit.” Shop the matching Shaycation x Revolve Frequent Flyer Sweatpants ($148).

“I love Sunnie Top and Bottom bikini, the Violeta Midi Dress, and the Lisa Jumpsuit.”

Shop the matching Shaycation x Revolve Sunnie Bottom ($68). 

“I am loving mesh and crocheted looks right now. I think the crochet pieces are so classic but also edgy and can be worn day or night as a statement.”

“Honestly I have lost count how many flights I have taken this year! Remaining stylish on a plane might have a different meaning to me than others; I’m all about staying comfortable, fresh, and hydrated. I always bring hydrating face masks, moisturizers, and gum in my Béis On-the-Go Carry All as well as a water bottle. In terms of attire, I always bring layers as I tend to be cold on planes but want to be on the go as soon as I arrive at my destination. I am also super excited about the Shaycation x Revolve Frequent Flyer Sweatshirt as it’s super cozy and perfect for throwing on once in my seat.”

“Hard to say as there are so many amazing pieces, but if I were a betting woman, I would say the Jasmin Pants, the Bailey Bikini, and the Bell Dress.”

Shop the matching Shaycation x Revolve Bailey Bottom ($88).

“Overpacking is the most obviously traveling mistake I can think of… or not considering the weather at your destination and ending up too hot or cold the entire time! My pro move is DEFINITELY STAYING ORGANIZED! I want my bag to be as compact and compartmentalized when I arrive as when I left.  All my Béis bags have been designed with this in mind. We want to keep you organized and looking good in one swoop.”

Shop the matching Shaycation x Revolve Olivia Bottom ($68).

Next up, check out a completely different kind of travel story: I Traveled Out of a Backpack for 75 Days—Here’s What I’ll Never Pack Again. This press trip was paid for by Revolve; editor’s opinions are her own. 

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