The #1 Shoe Trend Our Editors and Every Other Fashion Girl Agree On

Gone are the days of suffering in sky-high heels on the daily. Sure, we’ll visit those for super-special occasions (like the MTV Awards or Met Gala), but we’ve noticed some fashion girls are done abusing their feet. We want to look great and feel confident but also be comfortable at the same time.

Enter midi heels. They’re the number one shoe trend in the game right now. I’m not talking about a chunky block heel but a thinner heel, anywhere from a slim block to a stiletto, slightly higher than a kitten but lower than four inches. It’s not only incredibly chic but also manageable for daily wear. It’s the best of all worlds, and it is becoming increasingly popular. Scroll below for 10 versions of the shoe that every woman needs in her arsenal.

I’m not kidding when I tell you  I bought two pairs of these (because I literally wear them every day). They’re the perfect place to start with this now closet staple—and comfortable too!

Under $75? Say what? It’s time to jump on the flip-flop train, and these metallic thongs are the perfect place to start. 

These red-hot sandals are basically lingerie for your feet that won’t kill your vibe with discomfort. 

These multicolor snake-print sandals deserve a loving home, aka your closet. Pair them with your favorite shorts suit for an interesting twist. 

The Row is known for timeless, cool elegance, and that’s exactly what these slim block-heel shoes scream. 

Pump up your office look with these pretty pastel mules. The powder blue says you’re sweet, while the pointed toe–and-buckle combo means business. 

Ah, these simple and classic wear-with-everything sandals are among the most timeless on this list. They are an investment piece you won’t regret. 

As if plain old neon wasn’t enough. These under-$100 snake heels will complete your Saturday night.

By now, I think you’ve caught on to our By Far obsession. These beautiful creations are a true work of art. Sophisticated in the minimal design yet bold in the hidden details to make just enough of a statement. I need; you need; we all need.

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