The 3 Best Bras Ever, According to Real Women

The hunt for the perfect bra seems like a never-ending battle that women around the world struggle with on a daily basis. Where should you turn for advice on the best lingerie, and who should you trust?

When we spent some time trying to solve this problem, we had an epiphany. Instead of turning to salespeople or enticing advertisements, why not turn to real women? After all, they’re the ones actually wearing and living their lives in these bras, and to our surprise, they had a lot to say about their life-changing undergarments of choice.

As we sifted through countless reader reviews on multiple retailers’ sites, there were three bras that women could not quit raving about. To give you a better idea of what we mean, these bras had between 300 and 600 customer reviews, each receiving a five-star ranking and all coming in the top-selling bra size for women in the U.S., 38C. In other words, the odds were definitely in their favor.

Each of these bras definitely has a few standout qualities in common, from the technical design and construction to the style and how it makes people feel. We can’t underestimate the importance of quality materials—lace, silk, stretch mesh, hardware, etc. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what real women have to say about their favorite bras and find out what they agree on when it comes to “the best bra ever.”

Available in sizes 32C to 42G.

“This is literally the best bra I have ever owned, and I don’t think twice about the price. I only wash mine on the cold cycle and never put them in a dryer. I also use a bra-keeper. I go out of my way to hand-wash the bra because other brands don’t hold me together or look as pretty. This is the best bra you will ever own. I used to live and die by padded bras for the lift, support, and balance (I have some asymmetry), but this bra really does the job and actually works overtime.”

“This bra gives me plenty of support while still looking feminine. It has the look of traditional corsetry design, which adds a bit of sass while doing its job. I’ve been wearing this style for years, and the bras last a long time while keeping me supported and looking good. This is my go-to daytime/work bra; for evening, I adore other Chantelle styles. But this style is still my best friend!”

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Available in sizes 30A to 36DD.

“This is hands down the most supportive, comfortable, confidence-inspiring, make-my-breasts-look-awesome bra in the drawer.”

“The ‘Natori Feathers’ is my daily go-to bra. The plunge is such a natural silhouette and works under almost any piece of clothing in my wardrobe.”

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Available in sizes 30D to 38G.

“I own at least 50 bras, all in great shape, but generally I find after buying and wearing them there is something missing. This bra, however, hits all the buttons. It is supportive, holds its shape, is not overly decorative, the straps have some detail, and it pairs well with just about everything from plunging necklines to T-shirts. I am also glad they offer a variety of sizes. This bra is also cut well in the back so there is very little back fat spill over at the top. I bought it in two colors, I liked it so much!”

“This is my favorite bra and the second time I’ve purchased it. I’ve tried so many other bras/brands, but this is by far the most comfortable and meets all of my requirements. I’m picky. I want a bra to look smooth under clothes, I want it to lift and push my breasts inward so I don’t look smashed or spread to the side (up and in makes you look thinner and taller and gives you a waistline. I’m only 5’2”), and I want a bra that has good side coverage so I don’t look like I have back fat. This bra meets all my needs.

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Available in sizes 30B to 40G.

Available in sizes 32B to 36DD.

Available in sizes 30C to 40D.

Available in sizes 34E to 48E.

Available in sizes 30A to 36G.

Available in sizes 30DD to 40F.

Available in sizes 30DDD to 42DDD.

Available in sizes 32A to 36D.

Available in sizes 28D to 36DDD.

Available in sizes 30D to 38G.

Available in sizes 34D to 38G.

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