The 5 Most-Requested Summer Hair Colors, According to 3 Celebrity Colorists

Nothing makes us itch for a brand-new (or at least slightly different) hair color than the onset of a new season—especially spring and summer. Of course, we can do whatever we want with our hair whenever we want to, but there’s something freshly optimistic about the warmer, brighter, longer days of summer that has us scrolling on our phones and stalking our favorite colorists with way more fervor than fall and winter. So we’re scratching that itch.

To help decipher which spring and summer hair color trends will be of paramount popularity and importance this season, we asked three of the industry’s most sought-after colorists to name the high-priority looks, techniques, and palettes for ultimate seasonal inspiration. After all, these are the color geniuses our favorite celebrities flock to before red carpets, fashion shows, and filming ventures, so we more than trust their predictions. Ahead, we’re featuring five of the most exciting summer hair color trends celebrity colorists have set their sights on this season. Keep scrolling! (Your current color rut will thank you.)

“As spring and summer come, so does the sun, and with that, everyone wants to be a little lighter,” explains Nine Zero One Salon celebrity colorist Anthony Holguin. “Whether it’s a subtle face-framing highlight to brighten the front or a few balayage pieces to brighten the ends, a lighter version of your signature color is a great way to embrace the warmer season.”
“If you just want a subtle lightness that you will notice, ask for a face-frame highlight,” Holguin instructs. “If you want lighter ends, ask for balayage or some highlights. Most importantly, ask for just an enchantment versus a full highlight for spring and summer, which will look the most sun-kissed and natural.”
Of course, with lightening comes the inevitable potential for damage, so if you’re looking to try out this summer color trend, make sure you apply a moisturizing hair mask at least weekly. Not only will it keep your hair resilient and free of breakage, but it will also keep your color bright and glossy. It’s an investment, but we love Leonor Greyl Masque Quintessence Hair Mask ($145)—a luxe French favorite. 
“Redheads are making another comeback!” exclaims Holguin. “I mean, who doesn’t want to have an alter ego and dye their head red? I think reds are so unique and fabulous—definitely a one of a kind.”
“When going red, ask your hairstylist for a natural red—not a fire-engine red or anything too vibrant,” warns Holguin. “Reds should be chic and polished.”
As for maintenance, reds can be tricky and can quickly lose their luster. To maintain a summer red’s prestige (especially with the sun-induced fading!), Holguin recommends using Evo’s Color Intensifying Conditioner ($40). 
According to Redken color ambassador and celebrity colorist Matt Rez, this spring and summer will be all about blondes and brunettes but with one important twist: a Midlight. “This is a hair color technique I invented in order to create high-contrast yet super-blended and tonal color dimension,” Rez explains. 
“These blondes and brunettes will have maximum color movement because they will keep their natural color—or whatever color they have that’s the most neutral—as their base color. But it will be complemented by a warmer Midlight and a lighter, neutral/cool-toned highlight,” says Rez. “The combination of all these colors and tones will bring incredible pop and sparkle to the silhouette!”
Even though Rez created this specific color technique, you can still get the effect from your go-to colorist. “Ask for a Midlight—a color that ties your darkest color to your lightest strands!” Rez instructs. “Make sure you know what you want your final outcome to be, either blonde or a brunette. This way, your colorist can game-plan how light to take your highlight and then plan your Midlight color accordingly from there.”
“Both Chloë Grace Moretz and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley came in to see me before the Met Gala in order to achieve this exact color trend,” shares celebrity colorist Lorri Goddard. 
“For gossamer blended highlights, it’s all about creating delicate, fine striations of a ‘glowlight’ pulled through in order to add a halo effect,” explains Goddard. “This ode to nature helps us channel this inner sultry-chic vibe, and it’s especially striking come spring and summer. I love it because it shows off each person’s unique coloring, and it goes perfectly with the season’s most important fashion trends.”
Additionally, as Goddard told us, this pretty blended look is great for summer because the grow-out is more natural-looking and less jarring than other color trends and techniques. “You can wait that few extra weeks before a touch-up, and your color will still look beautiful,” she says. 
“For this summer hair color trend, take a cue from Gaga and so many more,” says Goddard. “I love this trend because who doesn’t crave a little fun once spring and summer hit? The warmer months are a perfect time to get your platinum on (although this trend is year-round), so I recommend diving into the deep end for this refreshing, ultra-bright look.”
“If you want to take it further and add even more interest for spring and summer, I loved Kristen Stewart’s color at the Met Gala. Add a smattering of calico, or any other color that you love is a fun way to update the straightforwardness of platinum,” shares Goddard.
“To keep hair healthy and strong during the warmer months (and all year long), I always turn to Moroccanoil’s Color Complete line,” Goddard says. “Their Prevent & Protect Spray ($30) is perfect for travel and really helps keep color vibrant and beautiful, even when you’re in the sun.” Essentially, she explains, the spray will help shield freshly bleached strands from damaging UV rays and environmental factors.  Looking for more summer hair inspiration? Here are nine spring hairstyle trends all the fashion girls are wearing right now. 

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