The 7 Pieces Defining Italian-Girl Style

As I write this, I am sitting in Capri at a beachside café overlooking the Mediterranean sea, watching an Italian girl daintily descend the cliffside staircase that leads to the white sand below, looking like she just stepped out of a Sophia Loren movie. This is truly happening. Scantily clad in a one-piece Chanel bathing suit, she has thrown on a leopard print sheer midi skirt over top and accessorized with strappy Jacquemus sandals, this summer’s iconic Loewe straw tote, an Hermès silk scarf wrapped around her hair and Gucci sunglasses that I know from experience are doing nothing to block the sun. She is living, breathing, fashionable proof that Italian girl style continues to reign supreme.

As she lithely makes her way to the table next to mine and orders an espresso, I am reminded of the effortless manner in which Italian girls curate put-together, feminine looks that are at once sophisticated and refined. It is no wonder that the world envies their style, including myself from the time I first visited Rome in 4th grade and discovered Italian Vogue. From the woman sitting to my left, to the numerous Italian influencers I follow on social media, I’ll be looking to Italian girl style for the trends to follow this season and next. I’ve shared the conclusions of my observations below in the form of the key 7 pieces Italian girls are experimenting with this summer. No one’s stopping you from pretending you’re sitting seaside in Capri as well.

Pink has made a surprising comeback amongst Italian girls with their Instagram feeds littered with pops of the bold hue showing up in everything from pants to shoes, jackets and more. While not typically partial to pink, I was intrigued by the pairing of the tone with an otherwise cold color palette comprised of blues, oranges and whites. Tropical and light, the overall aesthetic is a retro feminine punch that feels like a scoop of raspberry gelato eaten while staring at the sunset on the Amalfi coast. 

Intended for the bold of heart, a miniskirt + feather combination is a trend it seems only Italian girls have yet been daring enough to explore. Consider me sold, however, as I’m pretty certain this is going to be my new “going-out” ‘fit. Any fashion girl knows how difficult it can be to pull together a stylish and sultry outfit for a night out on the town, never mind finding the perfect going-out top– there have been essays written on the matter. Like with most things, however, Italian girls are ahead of the curve as they have already solved the problem, worn it out and have the Instagrams to prove it. Next time you see me on the streets of New York, I will be wearing feathers. 

As if animal prints weren’t already bold enough, Italian girls have taken this trend to the next level by pairing it with high-high heels. You know, the kinds of heels you would never wear in the streets of New York unless you plan to Uber every step of the way. Those kinds of heels. It’s the kind of look that screams ferocity and femininity with just the right dose of fashion. Whether it be a leapord midi skirt (you already know I’m thinking of Réalisation Par) or a zebra jacket, grab a pair of heels and call a car, girlfriend. 

The maxi dress and strappy sandal duo is a love affair that songs and poems have written about. Already a personal favorite of mine, Italian girls have been strolling in their beach gowns (as I like to call them) from Capri to the Amalfi Coast. The elegant sway of the dress paired with a peep of a well-manicured toe is irresistible in the summer. Not only do I feel like an ancient Roman Goddess but it’s the easiest outfit to throw on when temps are reaching above 100 Fahrenheit. I’m looking at you, East Coast girls. 

Can’t get enough of Italian girl style? Here are the 8 pieces that define their wardrobe. 

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