The Must-Watch Stars of Summer Tell Us What's on Their Shopping Lists

Can I tell you a secret? The five women in this story are going to be some of the most exciting breakout stars of the summer. How do I know this? As Who What Wear’s Entertainment Director for five years running, I’ve watched enough film and television to know a fresh face on the rise when I see them. I can assure you these newcomers (and their respective projects) will offer the perfect reprieve from the scorching summer temps.

So let’s get to know them better, shall we? From HBO’s newest bad girl to a scream queen in the making, we interviewed Alexa Demie, Nesta Cooper, Dianne Doan, Grace Van Dien, and Diana Silvers to get the scoop on their projects and personal style, as well as the fashion pieces they are buying this season. To make sure you’re a step ahead of who and what is cool right now, keep scrolling.

“Reformation makes the dreamiest summer dresses, andit’s big on sustainability and investing in eco-friendly practices. It is on the pricier side, but the quality is good and you feel really good about yourself wearing something that was consciously made.”
“I’m pretty big on hiking, so this canteen is my best friend. Please, please, please invest in a reusable water bottle. It saves you money in the long run and it’s better for the environment.”
“These little shorts from Patagonia are my favorite. I wear them when I hike, I wear them out and about, I wear them to the beach. They’re so lightweight and breathable and they’re made from recycled nylon. We love when it’s eco-friendly!”
“Just got a pair [of these], and I think they’ll go with everything, plus they’re shoes you could wear in the day or at night.” 
“Linen pants to lounge around in. I imagine there’ll be many weekends at the farmer’s market with them on.”
“Need to keep those lips protected and glossy!”
“The pointed toe and back detail are flattering and wide enough to wear with pants if you don’t feel like showing leg.” 
“I love sheer button-downs. They’re comfortable, sexy, and can be worn with anything.”
“I live for big sunglasses in the summer. I just bought a bunch for a trip I have coming up. These are perfect on a beach with a slicked back low bun and Dior Lip Glow.” 
“I love this one for obvious reasons and got it months before filming The Village,but then my character ends up wearing it in a little clip of a montage at one point!”
“My friend Jenny showed me this smaller jewelry company with the loveliest owner.”
“And lastly, I love sporting my favorite politician. You will find me wearing this a lot this summer.”
“This dress in cream is so universal and comfortable. I love the length, and the color is timeless and classic.”
“A staple! Perfect for literally anything. I adore these jeans.”
“I have this in shirt and tote bag version. I wear this constantly! I love when statement pieces are encouraging and meaningful to both the person wearing it and everyone who reads it.”  

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