The One Fragrance Each of Our Editors Will Wear This Spring

“Skylar’s fragrances stand out in the market because they are totally non-toxic and ethically sourced—the brand’s brilliant founder was inspired to make them after her baby developed an allergy to her perfume! The brand is really transparent about its ingredients and sustainable practices. But the scents don’t smell crunchy granola; they smell expensive (even though they’re not), and the packaging is so sleek. This rosy-but-not-too-rosy scent puts me in such a fun mood for summer.”
“I’m pretty indifferent to almost every fragrance I smell, which has resulted in me sticking to a core roster of just two or three go-tos for years. It takes a lot for me to wear, or even like, something new, but this springtime debut from Clean Reserve has completely captured my scent-resistant heart. It’s an Eau de Parfum, so it wears with some stamina, but the blend of bourbon vetiver, black pepper, and prune still manages to smell light and pretty. Plus, I appreciate Clean Reserve’s commitment to sustainable ingredients and eco-conscious packaging.”
“I typically wear Chanel’s Chance Eau de Parfum ($105) on a daily basis, but for spring I like the lighter, more floral scent of the Chance Eau Tendre Eau de Parfum. It feels fresher and a little less stuffy.”
“I’m obsessed with the sweet, fresh and citrusy smell of Acqua di Gioia—an ideal spring fragrance. It’s not too overpowering, and I constantly get compliments from strangers about how good it smells.”
“I love this one by Chanel because it’s fresh and easy to wear for warm-weather months. I’m no fragrance expert, but I would say it’s very crisp and fruity with just a slight hint of spiciness. I get compliments every time I wear it.”
“I love to wear scents that aren’t instantly recognizable, and that’s what this is—people always ask what I’m wearing when I have it on. Rose fragrances can be kind of intense, but this one has lots of other notes that mellow it and make it more interesting.”
“I’m just going to admit to you that I only have the sample for this fragrance (one day I’ll own the bottle). It’s both refreshingly floral thanks to the Tuberose notes and a bit woodsy and spicy, hence the name Carnal Flower.”
“Louis Vuitton released a new range of fragrances, and this Afternoon Swim scent is exactly what I want to wear all spring (and summer!) long. It has a fresh feel with layers of crisp Mandarin orange, so it’s perfect for anyone who loves a perfume with citrus notes.”
“To be honest, my go-to fragrance doesn’t really change, but I wear this one from Le Labo all year long and still love it for the spring and summer months. Don’t let the patchouli name scare you. It’s actually hard to smell that part of the fragrance! I would describe it as smoky, leathery, and bold. Not quite a typical spring floral fragrance, which is why I like it.” Want more spring beauty content? These are the five most important makeup trends according to a top makeup artist.

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