The Stylish Sneakers NY Girls Are Wearing Right Now

If there’s one thing New York City girls have mastered, it’s dressing for their environment. Everything from unpredictable weather to crazy commutes to not-so-clean sidewalks has required Manhattan’s most stylish dwellers to think out of the box when it comes to getting dressed (and looking great as a result). Specifically, as it pertains to footwear, sneakers have long been a go-to option. Not only are they the most comfortable way to get from point A to point B every day, but there also happens to be a slew of options on the market, which makes slipping into trainers in place of stilettos a no-brainer.

Recently, some of NYC’s most inspiring women have been illustrating the effectiveness of the comfortable footwear. To encourage a little arch support and some summer shopping, we rounded up 10 sneakers we spotted on the streets and included each in case you need a new pair or two to put your best foot forward.

Up next: the top 10 NYC fashion girls whose style you’ll want to copy this summer.

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