The Swimsuit Trends Celebrities Have Been Wearing for 29 Years

Some of you reading this (including myself) have not even been alive for 29 years, while some of you are about to take a trip down memory lane. It’s no secret that over the past couple of years, the ’90s have made a major comeback within the sartorial space. At first, it was literal re-creations of that decade, but now, as time has passed, it’s clear that some of those iconic ’90s trends are officially 2019 wardrobe staples. While we could go on and on about the hefty list of items that made the cut, today, we’re focusing on swimwear—celebrity-approved swimwear, to be exact.

Ahead, we rounded up five images from the ’90s of major celebrities at the time wearing swimsuit trends that are currently buzzing as we enter into summer 2019. Some are classics, like a little red bikini, while others are trends we thought were new to this specific year, but apparently, they have been around for a while. Here, you will get to see some jaw-dropping throwback photos of your favorite celebrities and shop the swimsuits they made cool a long time ago.

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Next up, shop colorful outfits that will get you out of your black-and-white rut. 

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