The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Skinny Jeans This Summer

Summer is the season when T-shirts, swimsuits, and shorts make their way to the forefront of our closets, and sweaters, boots, and jackets make their way to the back. The only type of clothing that stays firmly front and center at all times is our jeans. That’s right, we don’t care if it’s the dead of winter or the height of summer; we’re still wearing our jeans—and our skinny jeans in particular. 

Why skinny jeans, you ask? It’s simple. Even though baggy jeans have come back into style in recent years, we still have a special place in our hearts for the sleek silhouette of the classic skinny jean. The tailored fit makes any outfit, no matter how casual, appear elevated and put-together. So we keep buying and wearing skinny jeans, paying no attention to the time of year or the temperature. The only thing that ever changes is the tops, the shoes, and the accessories that we pair with said skinny jeans (this summer, we’re looking at strappy sandals, black bodysuits, and other similarly on-trend pairings). Keep scrolling to see all the ways we’re planning on wearing our skinny jeans this summer. 

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