The Unexpected Trend Women Are Rejecting Their Denim Shorts For

Today in things you weren’t aware you should be buying: men’s swim trunks. We’ll back up a few steps while you adjust to the idea. Though the fashion community loves a novel and complex get-up, at the end of the day, comfort still trumps all. Usually, during the summer that means denim shorts, but there’s been a sudden rise in what’s being coined as the “Soccer Look.” (With team women’s national soccer team kicking major butt this World Cup, the inspiration is well met.) The laid-back look harkens back to the rainbow assortment of Soffe shorts we stocked in our closets in middle school along with loose club tees and sporty sneakers. Granted, the soccer-look is getting an expected fashion twist: Team tees are being swapped out for long-sleeve tie-dye tops, heeled sandals are replacing cleats, and colorful drawstring shorts are overtaking their former black and blue counterparts. 

If Instagram’s to be believed, the latter has quickly become a summer staple. But why buy basic gym shorts when there’s a better option hanging out in the men’s section? Men’s swimwear has strayed from the board shorts of the early aughts into shorter styles with bolder prints. Now, more than ever, a quick perusal through men’s swimwear will display trends that we’ve already fallen in love with from leopard print to tie-dye. Don’t believe us? Check outa few fresh styling tips along with our favorite picks below.

You’ll feel right at home in these ultra short-short trunks.

I’m pretty sure I’ll be living in these every day this summer. 

If Leandra can pull these off, so can we.

If there were an identical button-down top to this, it’d be my dream co-ord set. 

Styling tip: Wear these bold trunks with a simple tank and Anna Wintour–approved flip-flops.

Ease into the look with a non-printed pair. 

Top off this fun floral print with a white baby tee and a colorful bucket hat. 

Stripes are a classic with good reason—they pair well with almost anything. 

Lucky for us, these cool trunks actually do come with a matching button-down.

Even leopard print is getting in on the men’s swim trunk action.

Sorry, boys, we’ll be commandeering these cool shorts this year. 

Now, who wants to book a trip to Miami? 

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