This Is the Chicest 2019 Trend, According to Sienna Miller

From minimalism to camp, there are plenty of amazing trends tempting us, but Sienna Miller has her eyes on one in particular right now: the ’90s. What’s old is new again, right? Miller stars in Jimmy Choo’s first-ever In My Choos editorial for pre-fall 2019, which was inspired by the stylish decade. 

“[The ’90s were] the chicest moment: Women in oversize blazers and very little makeup, and no one looked like they were trying too hard,” Miller says. “I get sad looking back and seeing these pre–social media days where people were wild and reckless, and nothing was contrived or overthought. There were these original moments in fashion even though they didn’t feel it at the time.”

In the editorial, Miller also spoke about how her approach to life has changed now that she’s in her late 30s. “I feel much more grounded and settled in myself,” Miller says. “I feel calmer and happy. I look back on myself in my twenties, and I had an amazing time, but there was no root, nothing was holding me to the ground. I love that feeling of wisdom that comes with age. I am absolutely not willing to tolerate things that I would have tolerated before, and everything about life seems to become more and more enriching the older that I get.”

Who could argue with that? Scroll down to see and shop Miller’s ’90s-inspired Jimmy Choo editorial. 

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