This Is What It Girls Wear to L.A. and NYC's Cult Fitness Classes

It’s no secret that celebs inspire how we get dressed, where we shop, and what we shop for. Whether we’re copying their most iconic outfits (ahem, Jennifer Aniston circa 1990) or taking our best guesses at what we’d find in their Zara shopping carts, there’s no end to the inspiration. Today, we’re diving into one more area of our closets where It girls are wielding some powerful influence: workout outfits. However, we’re not talking about any old outfits they throw on to head to the gym.

Instead, we’re highlighting five celebrity workout classes in both NYC and L.A. that have earned cult followings from actresses, models, and fashion insiders alike. These are the studios where you’ll spot the coolest new legging trends and activewear brands to know while you break a sweat. So what exactly do celebs wear to each buzzy fitness studio? Keep reading to discover why each workout is so popular among the A-list crowd and the outfit combos you can expect to spot them in.

More sizes available here.
More sizes available here.

Next, see how I re-created Jennifer Aniston’s most iconic 1990s outfits.

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