We're Calling It: These Will Be the Most-Wanted Fragrances This Summer

With the onset of summer comes all the fresh beauty inspiration: makeup trends top makeup artists are currently obsessing over, the hair shades colorists can’t stop painting, and so much more. In fact, we get so caught up with the contents of our Sephora carts and the countless looks we’ve archived on IG that it can be easy to forget another one our favorite things for summer: fragrance.

Notes: orange blossom, grapefruit, ylang-ylang, and oriental neroli. No, this perfume isn’t new, but it will be your quintessential scent for spring and summer if you love all things Old Hollywood, light, elegant, and inspired by the French Riviera. This particular fragrance was Audrey Hepburn’s signature, and she’s known to have worn it while filming Roman Holiday. 
Notes: rose de grasse, Himalayan jasmine, pear, apricot, and raspberry. Described by the brand as a mix between fruity and floral, this new scent from Nest is the perfect compromise if you love something fresh and floral with a touch of non-saccharine sweetness. It smells rich and decadently juicy but not in an oppressive or overly indulgent way. It’s gorgeous. 
Notes: lemon, mandarin, jasmine, neroli, cotton candy, and white musk. Byredo lovers everywhere cheered with glee earlier this season when the cult-loved fragrance house debuted its newest signature scent: Sundazed. It’s nostalgia, seduction, and sun-bleached sand all in one, and yes, it’s fabulous. 
Notes: sunny accord, rose, coconut water. Fresh, airy, and a match made in heaven for those who love all things coconut, this brand-new fragrance from eco-conscious brand Clean takes the addictive scent of your favorite coconutty SPF and elevates it to a deliciously wearable state of elegance. It’s the ultimate long beach day, bottled. 
Notes: mint, geranium, rose, and patchouli. The greenest and freshest-cut pick of the bunch, Diptyque’s new scent is a sharp-yet-soft mint metamorphosis inspired by the ancient Greek nymph Minthe. One sniff yields a refreshing wave of mint, artfully anchored by a hint of earthiness and strategic green florals. 
Notes: lime accord, petit grain, cardamom, cedarwood, cistus absolute, and white musk. The latest from Maison Margiela, the new Replica formula is inspired by a fantastical country escape—think hammocked naps under a tree, balmy breezes, and the lushness of surrounding lemon and cypress trees. 
Notes: mint, sea moss, pear, citrus, and neroli. While it may sound corny, this bright and sparkling scent from Clive Christian smells like diving into turquoise water and re-emerging. Honestly, it does. It’s striking, wearable, and effortlessly welcoming thanks to its expert melding of citrus, florals, and greenery. 
Notes: pear, peony, white musk. Meet Mon Paris Floral, YSL’s new interpretation of the brand’s iconic Mon Paris fragrance. It’s reminiscent of a Parisian love story and fluttery with wisps of blossoms and moonlight. We’ll be wearing it all spring and summer. 
Notes: Sicilian bergamot, neroli petals, and musk. Or, you know, anyone who daydreams about traveling around the Greek islands by way of boat, sand, and sea. This new, ethereal scent from Aerin is fresh, floral, and vibrant, with the essence of the seaside reverberating through the perfume’s poignant blend of blossoms, musk, vetiver, and sandalwood. 
Notes: florals, white musk, and woods . Effervescent with the swirling inspiration of forests and budding gardens, this new addition to Hermès’s enchanting collection of garden-inspired fragrances is sure to be a sought-after favorite for spring and summer 2019. The perfume is powdery, but thanks to a dose of saltiness and woods, it doesn’t feel overly precious. 
Notes: bitter orange, chocolate, iris, patchouli, musk, and tonka bean. A new-for-summer riff on Prada’s iconic signature, Candy, this nighttime take is equal parts dark and light—a warm and spicy “overture.” It’s after-dark mischief encapsulated and, according to the brand, is inspired by neon-lit cityscapes and their kaleidoscopic delights. We will let you interpret (and play) how you may. 
Notes: mandarin, freesia, hyacinth, muquet, white cedar, vetiver, and musk. Raining with every gorgeous floral you can think of (in a good, non-chaotic way), this new perfume from Malin+Goetz is perfect for the sunny season. As the brand explains, its the olfactory result of a dewy, deconstructed garden. 
Notes: blood orange, water lily, vetiver. Like all Ellis Brooklyn perfumes, this brand-new fragrance is clean—paraben-free, phthalate-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. Plus, it also happens to smell amazing and was interestingly inspired by Los Angeles writers of the ’70s. It’s a little citrus, a little floral, and ultimately crisply addicting. 
Notes: oud, pink pepper, cedar, and Turkish rose. Sitting comfortably at a cool $1500, this gorgeous perfume definitely isn’t child’s play when it comes to your bank account, but it is, arguably, one of the dreamiest fragrances to have launched in the last year. Spiked with succulent earth scents, it is an ode to the rich colors of the rising sun, as the brand notes.  Next up: The One Fragrance Each of Our Editors Will Wear This Spring

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