What 21 Women From Across the U.S. Are Wearing (and Shopping) Now

Ever since June began, we’ve been covering summer style from every angle. We’ve shared the It pieces defining summer vacation style, the trends celebs are wearing (and those they’re skipping) this season, and the best outfits to hit the beach in. But now we’re zooming out and shifting our focus on the current state of American style as a whole. We were curious which trends are defining style in the U.S. right now. What are women from across the country (not just New York and L.A.) really wearing?

We tapped our incredibly stylish pool of Who What Wear readers for the intel. Each of the following 21 women shared the outfit that defines their style and the number one item topping their shopping wish lists at the moment. From the vintage aficionado in Minneapolis who will inspire you to start wearing more color to Nashville’s chicest minimalist, we canvased the country to bring you a snapshot of what of American style in 2019. Scroll through to get see their original outfits, find out how they define style in their city, and glean some summer shopping inspiration straight from their shopping carts to yours.

Who: Alyssa LeSavage . From: Minneapolis, Minnesota . How she describes her style: “Classic, natural, feminine, with a strong vintage twist. I love everything vintage, and I’m passionate about sustainable style. As an indigenous woman, sustainability is something I value deeply.”

Who: Sarah Butler. From: Seattle, Washington. How she describes her style: “Urban bohemian.”

Who: Noor Elkhaldi. From: Orlando, Florida. How she describes her style: “I really just like to keep things easy and comfortable. I recently started incorporating more color into my looks, and it’s been really fun stepping outside of my comfort zone.”

Who: Christina Noia. From: Chicago, Illinois. How she describes her style: “I love a good vintage find but styled up with modern pieces (aka vintage with a side of that new-new). I’d say my style is bold, adventurous, and colorful—I’m not afraid to push the limit and go outside of my comfort zone.”

Who: Cecilia Gorgon. From: Ann Arbor, Michigan. How she describes her style: “My style is very intuitive! If something feels right then I’ll go for it.”

Who: Sandra Sauceda. From: Tucson, Arizona. How she describes her style: “Chic, feminine, masculine, and easy.”

Who: Laniqua Mcmillian . From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. How she describes her style: “My style is bold, modern, and colorful.”

Who: Kira Bradford. From: Rexburg, Idaho. How she describes her style: “Classic, vintage, comfortable, sometimes a little weird. My personal style is curated to reflect my mood for the day. Alexander McQueen said it best: ”Fashion is self-confident and fearless.'”

Who: Caitlin Klarich. From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . How she describes her style: “It really depends on my mood and what inspires me at the moment. Feeling like a sad teenager? I’ll wear dark monochromatic clothes. Feeling chic and dramatic? I’ll pair a blazer with a weird combo of jean shorts or cool pants and make it work. Feeling like a star from a teen rom-com in the ’80s and ’90s? I’ll totally dress the part. Philly is definitely a good inspiration for fashion, and growing up here my whole life has helped with my sense of style.”

Who: Kimberly Seidensticker. From: Seattle, Washington. How she describes her style: “Very relaxed, slightly sensual, inspired by ’90s minimalism and the French-girl aesthetic.”

Who: Bhoranie Seide. From: Minneapolis, Minnesota . How she describes her style: “Trendy, classic, and eclectic.”

Who: Therese Brady. From: Bay Area, California. How she describes her style: “Minimal and utilitarian, classic yet current. I’m a sucker for menswear (suiting, oversize silhouettes), jumpsuits, and anything with pockets. Comfort always comes first. I love mixing investment pieces with affordable yet thoughtful elements.”

Who: Marche Robinson. From: Raleigh, North Carolina. How she describes her style: “Tailored and feminine!”

Who: Ahdilah Haswarey. From: Irvine, California. How she describes her style: “Modest fashion, classic, chic, and feminine. Fashion is my form of artistic self-expression. It is also a means for me to connect with like-minded women who are constantly looking for inspiration, and I feel that social media has allowed us to create communities in which women are connecting with one another and finding support systems through which they can express this sense of self through fashion and photography.”

Who: Kristen Cueto. From: Nashville, Tennessee. How she describes her style: “I’d explain my style as elevated basics blended with sustainable vintage pieces and classic silhouettes and clean lines. I love to mix high with low so that I’m never too done-up, but then again, never too done-down at the same time. Blending everyday classic staples with new trends is a good way for me to still feel myself while also enjoying new trends that catch my fancy.”

Who: Meghan Adams. From: Houston, Texas. How she describes her style: “My personal style is polished and classic mixed with on-trend yet authentically me.”

Who: Bria Jones. From: Kansas City, Missouri. How she describes her style: “Street style with a touch of sweet. I’m a huge advocate for comfortable fashion and look to achieve both.”

Who: Anastasia Furrow. From: Orem, Utah. How she describes her style: “I love classic silhouettes with modern touches, for example, dramatic ruffles added to a midi-length dress.”

Who: Allison Romero. From: McAllen, Texas. How she describes her style: “It’s hard to define it because it’s always changing, but I’m rarely too scared to try out a trend, so I’d define my style as bold and daring. I love taking risks and stepping outside of my comfort zone.”

Who: Jenny Bonavita . From: New York, New York. How she describes her style: “Electric. My eye is drawn to anything that is a loud print, silhouette, or design. If it’s funky, I want it.”

Who: Lanise Lovestone . From: Chattanooga, Tennessee. How she describes her style: “Urban-chic, depending on the occasion and mood and at other times business casual.”

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