What Farfetch’s Absurdly Stylish Employees Wear to the Office

Trust me: Even if your job is to literally write about what to wear, you can still find yourself in a rut when it comes to putting together office looks that are professional but still feel like you (it happens to the best of us). But no matter what kind of industry you work in, what you wear to the office can have an effect on how confident you feel during your 9-to-5. One team that brings loads of personality—and confidence, too, I’m sure—through their work outfits are the stylish staffers of Farfetch.

You see, Farfetch is one of our first stops for uncovering fresh designer finds. Not only are they one of the only luxury retailers to really take streetwear seriously—you can add a pair of Air Jordans to your shopping cart alongside a Gucci Marmont bag—but their roster of brands is always forward-looking. The buyers will be the first to stock a buzzy new Instagram label and go all-in on emerging runway talents like Marine Serre. A few scrolls through the new arrivals section is basically equivalent to a guide on the major trends and key pieces of the season.

And this original mix is naturally reflected through how the team dresses for work each day…

The team gave Who What Wear a tour of their stunning new West Coast headquarters and a look at what four of their employees might stroll in wearing on any given day. Planted in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Farfetch describes the new space as a “future office” concept where you might find a staffer calling an impromptu meeting at one of the sleek infinity booths or snapping a selfie in front of the view of the Hollywood Hills. With a workspace as chic as this, it’s no wonder Farfetch’s employees dress the part. We tapped four women from departments as varied as partner services to VIP styling who showed us what they wear to their fashion office, how working at there has influenced their style, and, of course, what’s currently residing in their virtual Farfetch shopping carts.

What’s your job at Farfetch?

Senior partner services specialist. I support the health of the partner ecosystem at a high level and ensure that the partner’s voice is shared throughout the organization. 

How would you describe your office style? What’s your go-to outfit? 

A vibe. Honestly, comfy pants (such as track pants or sweatpants), a relaxed tee, and trainers. Dad shoes and oversize tees are high fashion now… Catch up!

How has working at Farfetch influenced your personal style?

Working at Farfetch has heightened my awareness of the industry and broadened my fashion vocabulary. Brands like Marine Serre, Fantabody, Jacquemus, and Staud are some of the brands I would have never fallen in love with if it wasn’t for working at Farfetch.

What’s the #1 item in your Farfetch cart right now?

Alexander Vauthier holographic slingback pumps; need I say more?!

Any tips/tricks for uncovering the best finds on Farfetch’s site?

Keywords, keywords, keywords. I work with our partners every day, and I always encourage brand style names when adding products to the site. Don’t be afraid to search for the Kelly bag, Betty platform, or the Triple S. it will bring you to exactly what you’re looking for!

What’s your job at Farfetch?

Key account manager. I’m responsible for onboarding new boutiques and managing our North American boutique partnerships to maximize their growth on the platform.

How would you describe your office style? What’s your go-to office outfit?

I definitely follow the comfort cliché, which is why I’m usually in trainers. My work uniform is a variation of a tee, skirt, trainers and a statement accessory, whether it’s big earrings, a hair accessory, neon nails, or a unique bag.

How has working at Farfetch influenced your personal style?

Being able to buy from the best boutiques and brands in the world with such ease. I love discovering new brands and products from our partners in over 190 countries; I may have only found [out about them] previously if I was visiting these places in person. In terms of the office and being a Brit in L.A., working at Farfetch has helped me slowly start to embrace the California-cool vibe more.

What’s the #1 item in your Farfetch cart right now?

I’m a huge Sacai fan and particularly loved this S/S 19 season, which is currently occupying a large section of my wish list! If I had to narrow down to just one piece, I’d pick this skirt for the summer.

Any tips for uncovering the best finds on Farfetch’s site?

We recently launched Farfetch Communities, a new content experience on our homepage that’s updated daily to help our customers discover things they love. I always find inspiration there, and I love exploring the different edits curated by our global community of tastemakers. I always keep my eye on the New Brands to Know section; it’s the best way to discover emerging brands before everyone else does!

What’s your job at Farfetch?

I’m a stylist on the Farfetch private client team. I work with our top VIP clients to curate an edited selection of product tailored to them. I use our amazing partnerships with the boutiques and brands on our platform to enhance their shopping experiences. I’ve been with the company for three years this September, and I’m thrilled to see what the future holds.

How would you describe your office style? What’s your go-to office outfit?

I pretty much have a uniform nailed down at this point of classic pieces that are simple and timeless. My go-to outfit is a Saint Laurent leather jacket/blazer, a T-shirt, high-waisted Re/Done denim, and a cute little heel that I can run around in all day. I love mixing feminine and masculine elements, and balancing out high-end with high-street pieces. You’ll never catch me head to toe in one designer. I love to mix it up and layer pieces that are vintage or tailored specifically for me.

How has your job and working at Farfetch influenced your personal style?

I’m thankful that I’ve worked for some fabulous companies within the fashion industry. I notice my style shifts drastically depending on the brands that the company carries and the aesthetic of my co-workers. At Farfetch, I feel like my personal style has truly evolved into my most authentic self.

Our product range is so vast that I have unlimited options to choose from. I think there’s a direct correlation between how confident and fulfilled I am within my role and how I dress. My favorite brands on Farfetch at the moment are Khaite, Saint Laurent, Gianvito Rossi, and Toteme. I love finding new designers and incorporating them into my look. Other brands at the top of my radar are Hunting Season, CVC Stones, and Nanushka.

What’s the #1 item in your Farfetch cart right now?

I’m obsessed with everything Toteme right now. This sweater is so luxe and is going to be on repeat when the weather cools down. I plan on ordering it in this beige and in navy as well. When I find something I love, I usually find myself buying it in a few colors.

Any tips/tricks for uncovering the best finds on Farfetch’s site?

Each day, my job is to edit through all of the current trends and pieces that the industry has to offer. I’m constantly researching Vogue, Harper’s, and street style blogs to see what’s current. My favorite way to sort through our site is by designer/brand. I go through all of the new product and then star what I love each morning. Before I leave for day, I circle back to my wish list and edit down the pieces that I can’t live without. A rule I live by is that I will not buy a sale item unless I wanted it full price to begin with. It saves me from making impulsive mistakes and staying true to the pieces that I love.

What is your job at Farfetch?

Senior stylist for North America. My job is to style head-to-toe looks that embody the designer as well as the Farfetch aesthetic. I contribute with new ways to improve e-commerce styling through our weekly styling meeting, where I present the best looks of the week, where we’re improving, how we can improve, and how we’re looking in comparison to our competitors when shooting brands. Also, through creating seasonal mood boards to keep the team current on industry trends, styles, and proportions to ensure elevation is always in mind. I want my team to present their best work, so I want to be sure they have all of the inspiration they need!

How would you describe your office style? What’s your go-to outfit?

I pick my outfits depending on the mood I’m in that day, and I wear whatever I want as long as it makes me feel good! A pair of oversize sweatpants or trousers with a crop top does the trick. I have to wear sneakers because I’m on set almost every day, so comfort is key!

How has working at Farfetch influenced your personal style?

I’m a big thrifter and vintage shopper, so working at Farfetch has opened me up to mix a bit of high and low within my outfits.

What’s the #1 item in your Farfetch cart right now?

The Jacquemus Le Chiquito bag is my current obsession. You really can’t put anything in it, but it’s definitely a look!

Any tips/tricks for uncovering the best finds on Farfetch site?

We definitely have a large platform of items to choose from. I suggest starting with our New In section, and filtering your search with a specific category or designer. If you have something in mind, start there and work your way through; if not, just star items you like along the way to add them to your wish list, and decide at the end what was your best find.

Photographer: Jenna Peffley

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